Get Inspired This Ox-piscious New Year With These 8 Chinese New Year Nail Designs

Get Inspired This Ox-piscious New Year With These 8 Chinese New Year Nail Designs | Vaniday |

Don’t settle for the plain ol’ boring manicures this year. Red and gold are so passé. Ring in the Year of the Ox with these 8 Chinese New Year nail designs!

Nail Designs

Koi Nails

Gold Koi Fish Nail Art
Credit: Maniqure

Koi are symbols of good fortune and prosperity. What better way to ring in Chinese New Year than with a set featuring these magnificent fish? These nails are delicate and beautiful, playing on the traditional gold and red. The gold accents that make the set all the more lovely.

Cow Print Nails

Cow Print Nails Chinese New Year nail designs
Credit: Pinterest

It’s the Year of the Ox, and out of all the Chinese New Year nail designs, none is quite as representative as these cow print nails. While these are devoid of the usual Chinese New Year colours, they still stick to the theme of the “Niu Year”.

Red Flower Nails

Red Flower Chinese New Year Nail Designs
Credit: Maniqure

Keep it simple and elegant with this red flower nail design. Flowers are symbolic of life and good fortune after the long, harsh winter. May these nails bring you good fortune too!

Fortune Cat Nails

cat manicure
Credit: Pinterest

These nails are sure to make those around you say huat! Adorned with all sorts of fortune symbols, these cute nails are bound to not only bring good things your way, but also praise from all the people around you.

Maneki Neko Nails

Credit: Pinterest

Another play on the fortune cate, the mankei neko is the Japanese counterpart. This Japanese-esque design is cute and quirky, and is full on the customary red, too.

Red and Pink Nails

Credit: Unistella

If you’re gonna DIY your manicure or want something simple, this design is a classic. A mixture of reds and pinks, with just a touch of gold. Classy — sometimes simple is best.

Red and White Flower Nails

Flowers Chinese New Year nail designs
Credit: Pinterest

Another variation of the earlier red flowers, these red and white flowers are eye-catching and beautiful. Prosperity and blessings are sure to follow with the classic red and gold elements. Even grandma would be pleased — no Chinese New Year faux pas this year!

Matte Red Nails

Red Matte Nails Chinese New Year nail designs
Credit: Pinterest

If you like to keep it simple, these nails are for you! Jump on the fashionably posh matte nail trend, with just a tinge of sparkle to add some spice to this set.

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