Eyelash Extensions in Singapore: Pros, Cons & The Right Care

eyelash extensions and tools.

When eyelash extensions first hit the beauty industry in the early 2000s, they became an instant hit. Anyone who wanted a Hollywood-like look and killer eyelashes opted for these extensions. The procedure has only grown in popularity since its inception and is now being done across the globe.

Having said that, lash extensions should only be performed by estheticians with considerable experience performing the procedure. Refrain from going to a rookie to get your lashes done because they can do more harm than good. However, finding such a professional can be quite difficult.

This is where Vaniday can help you find the perfect esthetician. You can search for premium eyelash extension services in Singapore at the click of a button. On top of that, we’re offering up to 20% cashback on selected spas and salons. Having said that, you should know the pros and cons of getting eyelash extensions at a beauty salon in Singapore and how to care for them the right way.

Pros of Getting Eyelash Extensions

One of the biggest pros of getting eyelash extensions is that they provide instant results, unlike other lash growth products and procedures. They will provide instant results and give you the va-va-voom lashes you’re looking for! However, they must be applied well to give you the desired look.

Eyelash Extensions in Singapore

Another benefit of eyelash extensions is that they’ll save you a lot of time. You only need to visit your salon to get the procedure done, which can be further simplified through Vaniday, where you can search for the best salons in Singapore, book an appointment through your app, and head over to the place. You’d have to spend significantly less on your makeup with eyelash extensions.

Say goodbye to flaky, running, and smeared mascara. You don’t have to remove mascara every night or invest in premium products. Spend a bit on eyelash extensions, and you’re sorted for a long time.

If you have straight or short eyelashes, extensions can give you a look you can only dream of. No mascara or product can give you the curl and length that eyelash extensions give. The procedure is all worth it!

Cons of Getting Eyelash Extensions

One disadvantage of getting eyelash extensions is that they’re high maintenance. You need a proper post-treatment regimen to ensure the efficacy of the procedure. Applying a new set of eyelashes can take anywhere between 90 to 180 minutes. Even though refill appointments are not as long, they take up some time, especially if you require any touch-ups.

Eyelash Extensions in Singapore

Eyelash extensions can also affect your natural lashes, sometimes leading to temporary lash loss. Therefore, it is important to have a balance and get the best esthetician to perform the procedure to ensure that they don’t harm your lashes. It is important to note that the longer and heavier style of eyelash extension you have, the more stress you’d be putting on your natural lashes.

You might also experience allergic reactions to the material used to attach the extensions to your lashes. Also, if the beautician uses unsanitary tools, you might experience an eye infection. Therefore, working with an experienced and professional eyelash extensions service in Singapore is always recommended.

Post Care Routine

You must have a proper post-care routine to take care of your extensions. Refrain from applying mascara on the extensions because they can snag the eyelashes, which can fall out before time. You should also be careful when applying skin care products such as eye pencils or concealers because they can affect the glue that attaches the eyelash extensions to your face.

Having said that, you should always look to buy quality beauty products online that work well with your eyelash extensions. Always use an oil-free cleanser or makeup remover to clean your makeup. If you’re looking for quality products, check out the items at Vaniday.

Getting Started with Vaniday

We’ve got you covered if you’re struggling to find quality eyelash extension services in Singapore. Vaniday is a one-stop online solution for all your beauty needs. Our extensive list of beauty and wellness spaces includes spas and best salon in singapore. We also have an extensive list of high-quality beauty products for sale.

Download our app, search for the best eyelash extension singapore, choose a time and date of your convenience and book it on the spot! We also offer up to 20% cashback on selected salons. Check out our website or subscribe to our digital magazine today.

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