Eyebrows at Benefit Cosmetics

Hey, gorgeous. Are your brows on fleek? No…no…NO? Damn! You’re really letting your beauty game down, sista. Honestly. Uneven shapes, pesky flyaways and patches can be a thing of the past. We promise.

Face it, how often do you check yourself out in the mirror only to catch a gory glimpse of your uneven brow. We know. This is how the story goes. Left brow = perfect. Right brow = far from perfect. Seriously, how can two features be so unlike?

Don’t panic! The festive season may be fast approaching but Benefit is on board to wax your furry friends back to business. We sent our beauty ambassador Sebelle to Benefit Cosmetics – Westgate for a big time brow wax. Check out the glittering finish. Even Beyonce would be proud.

And, while you’re at it, have a gander at these top tips for your next appointment. You (and your brows) can thank us later 

How are eyebrows shaped?

At Benefit, a salon professional will discuss with you first what kind of shape you want. Looking for thick brows with an obvious shape? Or the perfect pointy arch? It’s all good. Don’t be afraid to share with them exactly what you want.

They follow by measuring your axis point to find where your arch should fall. This depends on your face shape, including the length between your eyes. Your beauty professional knows how unique you are – everyone has a different shape and that’s why it’s so important you get your brows shaped professionally. It’s the only way they can be on point. (Unless you’re born with the natural wonders of Cara Delevingne of course.)

Should you get an eyebrow wax?

Silly question! Now is the time for a WAX. Your brow guru will apply a layer of wax to your brows, following with a small cloth to strip the hair, which forms an immaculate line. That’s not all, though. Expect an intricate analysis followed by a quick tweeze and trim to banish any untidy bits.

Voila! Looking good, huh? There’s more. Benefit usually dress up your brows with their Brow Zing perfector to give you a flawless finish. They’ll straighten any strays and add a tint of colour to ensure they’re super defined. Trust us, you’ll feel pretty and polished. Plus, your look will last at least 3 weeks – sometimes more depending on your hair growth. Bingo!

Which eyebrow shape is for you?

Benefit specialise in the gorgeous, pointy arch shape. The best way to achieve a perfect arch is by first defining your face shape. Your brows have the power to open your eyes and make them look younger. You may even get away with wearing less makeup.

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