Eyebrow Trends That Will Be Hot in 2023


Eyebrows are a make or break for any makeup or fashion look. We’re well into the decade of the brow, but there’s a long time before these fuzzy facial arches will fade out of fashion. We’re going to see all kinds of eyebrow trends making rounds across social media and in the beauty world, and these are some of the expected choices:

Brow lamination is still hot

Brow lamination is one of the most popular ways to enhance your brows and helps give them more definition and shape without the hassle of microblading and daily makeup and gel. The method essentially freezes your brows in position, giving them that feathery, fluffy look that is almost editorial and looks sexy.

Brow lamination is a semi-permanent treatment that many people opt for because it creates these bold, feathery brows and holds them in place. You need very little maintenance and upkeep when it comes to laminated brows, especially since they’re pretty much set for a few weeks. It’s a low maintenance look that looks incredible no matter what the occassion or need.

We love fluffy, natural brows

Speaking of fluffy, natural brows are also back in fashion. No more overdrawn, harsh lines, or brows with tons of pomade and gel. We like our brows to be well-groomed, following their natural density and shape, and airier than ever. It’s a low-maintenance look that many people are happy to see.

To create the perfect natural brows, you need very few products, but you do need a reliable eyebrow threading salon in Singapore. A professional salon wil have trained experts who know how to create the most seamless look with your natural brows, shaping them without taking too much away, and maintaining their natural lustre and thickness. Perfecting brows is truly an art, which is why you need to check for reviews when you want a natural look.

Eyebrow Trends

90s brows are making a return

But one trend that may not be everyone’s favorite is the 90s brow making a comeback. Of course, we don’t mean pencil-thin brows that are overplucked and arched. But thin brows are coming back stronger than ever, with delicate, dense, and natural shapes. The difference between the original 90s brow and the contemporary look is simply intentionality. While the 90s brow was a bit like a teenager going wild with a pair of tweezers, the modern take is subtler, and takes away hair strategically, creating a wispy, thin brow, with enough shape to frame one’s face.

We love the modern twist on this not-so-great trend and how people are pulling it off.

Less is more bleached brows

You’d be surprised by how popular bleached brows continue to be. This trend was a little shocking, to say the least, but it’s now getting adapted for more mainstream wear. You can expect to see lighter-colored brows, blonde and white brows, and other variations of this trend everywhere.

Some variations of the bleached brow include full fledged, Kardashian-Jenner inspired looks, while others may be more subtle, going a few tones lighter than their natrual hude, at most.

Sleek straight brows are also in this year

As we embrace more natural looking brows, straight brows are also quite the rage in 2023. We don’t quite mean Spock-like brows, but yes, you can expect to see sleeker, straighter brows more frequently this year too. One of the best things about this trend is that it works well for people who naturally have straighter brows and have spent years trying to reshape them into something else. Embrace your straight brows, or play things up and change up the shape you have to something sleeker, straighter, and more contemporary for an edgier look.

Foxy, sexy fox brows are becoming popular

Fox brows and fox eyes are increasingly more popular this year, and are a  more elaborate method of changing up your look. The involve using tape, or adhesives, or other tools to tug the skin back for a more lifted look, and creating that sleek, foxy appearance. It’s a very sexy, sultry look that people are going gaga for this year. However, you will need the expertise of an eyebrow threading salon in Singapore to achieve this shape and look more seamlessly.

One of the best things about it, however, is that it also sculpts the general face shape of the person getting it, so it’s double the fun.

Two women’s eyebrows zoomed in to show thier natural brows.

Fun, flirty, and experimental colored brows

But in addition to all of the above, one more trend we’re loving this year is the colored brow. You don’t need to go the full mile and bleach dye your brows; you can just as easily accomplish this with temp colors, colored brow pomades and mascara, and other methods. Play with colors like blue, green, purple, or burgundy, and you have the ability to create some very fun looks. Be sure your brows are well maintained and shaped, however!

Eyebrows are still all the rage and have been for the past few years. We’re excited to see how these trends turn out and continue shaping up over the coming year.

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