Everything You Need to Know When Visiting a Hair Salon in Singapore for Hair Rebonding

person with straight hair.

Want to know the secret to the perfect hairstyle that turns heads? Well, it all depends on your preference and the type of hair that suits your face’s shape. Having said that, one hairstyle you can’t ever go wrong with is the straight hairstyle. There’s nothing sexier than having a perfect head of silky, smooth hair after hair rebonding that looks neat and stylish at the same time.

However, if you have textured or curly hair, you might find it very hard to constantly straighten your hair. This is where you can visit best hair salon singapore and get a hair rebonding treatment. The process can change your hair’s natural texture and gives you a smooth, straight style.

Many people get hair treatments singapore to get silky and flowing hair without worrying about constantly using a straightener or applying products. You can visit a quality hair salon and consult an esthetician or hair stylist to learn more about this extensive procedure. This guide is also for those who are looking to get this procedure done. Let’s take an in-depth look into the world of hair rebonding.

Understanding How Hair Rebonding Works

It’s important to understand the process involving hair rebonding before booking your appointment at a hair salon in Singapore. The process involves using powerful chemicals to alter your hair’s natural texture. The entire procedure can take several hours, depending on your hair type.

a woman straightening hair.

The extensive process involves a lot of steps. First, your hair stylist will wash your hair properly and will let it dry to bring up your natural texture. The process removes any dirt or oil present in your hair and gives the beautician a clear idea of your hair’s natural texture.

After washing and air drying, the stylist will section your hair, and each strand will be covered with a cream known as the relaxant. The relaxant is applied for nearly 30 minutes or more. The cream breaks down hair cuticles, and the process is under close observation by the beautician to prevent any damage to the scalp.

The next process involves steaming your hair using a tool that will give you the silky, straight hair you will fall in love with. However, the process is not quite complete yet. After the steaming process, your hair stylist will wash your hair and give it a blow-dry to prepare it for the next step.

Your stylist will then apply a quality Keratin lotion which helps your new bonds and hair texture to set. A neutralizer is also applied to the hair to further stabilize the new texture. Keratin and neutralizer will be applied for at least 30 minutes.

a close up of woman with straight hair.

Once your hair is set, you’ll receive a final rinse to remove the keratin and neutralizer applied to your hair. A final blow-dry will give you those silky, long, straight hair you always dreamt of! Also, please note that hair rebonding is a permanent process, and you won’t have to repeat the procedure unless your hair has grown an inch or two at the roots.

The chemicals used in the process are quite powerful. Formaldehyde or aldehyde is used to break down the natural texture and bonds of your hair. Almost every relaxant has powerful chemicals and gases similar to formaldehyde.

The Look

After the hair rebonding process, one thing is for sure; you’ll look your absolute best! Your hair will look smooth and glossy with a straight texture. If you used to have curly hair, you’ll notice a lot less frizz than before. Having said that, it is important to keep expectations in check as these results are not 100% guaranteed.

You might see less difference in your hair than usual, making you think that you spent a lot of money for nothing. If your hair is quite thin or color-treated, hair rebonding may do more harm than good. Therefore, it is better to consult with an experienced hair stylist who can advise you whether the procedure is right for you or not.

Also, you need to keep in mind that the hair rebonding procedure has potential side effects. The extensive use of powerful chemicals on your hair can lead to breakages, damage, and dryness.

blow drying hair

Other Options

Rebonding is different from other hair procedures, such as smoothing and straightening. You can also opt for a keratin treatment in Singapore or a Brazilian hair straightening procedure, but they’re also quite different from rebonding. However, if you’re looking for a temporary straightening solution and want to avoid using chemicals on your hair, you can invest in a quality hair iron for at-home straightening or visit your salon for a quick straightening procedure. However, they won’t be permanent and might not be as effective as the rebonding process.

Post Rebonding Treatment Care

You must take adequate post-treatment measures to ensure your hair looks as good as possible after the process. One important thing to always keep in mind is to avoid using hot water on your hair as much as possible. Use cold water to wash your hair as hot or lukewarm water can affect the rebonding process and cause significant damage to your hair.

person speaking to a hair stylist.

If you feel the urge to wash your hair after the rebonding process, control it. Ask any hair stylist, washing your hair in the two to three days after the process can affect the results. Not washing it will provide you the maximum benefits of the rebonding process. Also, when you do wash your hair, use a good conditioner. The conditioner will keep your hair moisturized, hydrated and frizz-free. Make sure to invest in a good conditioner for your hair.

Apart from a moisturizer, you should also invest in a quality shampoo that suits your hair type and is perfect for rebonded hair. You can ask the experts at the hair rebonding salon for advice or visit platforms such as Vaniday, where you can buy beauty products online. Always remember to use a conditioner after shampooing your hair.

Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid going outdoors in the heat. Unfortunately, the hot and humid climate in Singapore can sometimes be unavoidable, and it is best to stay indoors to avoid hair damage. Prolonged exposure to the sun can leave your hair in a complete mess.

Also, if you’ve just got your hair rebonded, you should avoid using chemicals or heat on your hair because it can lead to significant hair damage. Avoid hair straighteners, curlers, and hot brushes like the plague. Also avoid coloring your hair for at least six months after the treatment because the chemicals in the hair color can mess up your hair texture.  

Benefits of Hair Rebonding

There are numerous benefits of getting the procedure done on your hair. Apart from your hair looking the absolute best, you won’t need to worry about constantly straightening your hair or investing in hair care products because the rebonding process is permanent until you experience hair growth of about 2 inches from the roots.

hair stylist blow drying.

It’s quite easy to manage straight hair compared to styles that are curly, frizzy, or textured. You won’t have to spend much time in front of the mirror trying to get your hairstyle done. All you need is a comb to untangle your hair, and you’re good to go!

Another benefit of visiting a hair salon in Singapore to get your hair rebonding done is that it can be quite a relaxing experience if you like being pampered or spending a couple of hours at the salon. You can also get your manicure and pedicure done while getting the process. In rare instances, you might even experience better hair health after the hair rebonding procedure.

Finding the Best Hair Salons in Singapore

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