Easy, Low-Maintenance Beauty Treatments for 2022

There’s no denying that a beauty treatment from one of the best beauty salons in Singapore will give you a feel-good factor like no other. The beauty treatment landscape is expected to undergo a significant change in 2022. Many are now looking for easy and low-maintenance treatments that give them a lasting effect. Let’s have a look at some of the easy and low-maintenance beauty treatments that’ll dominate in 2022.


The HydraFacial is gaining popularity amongst beauty enthusiasts. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive beauty treatment that enhances your look and gives you confidence, then HydraFacial ticks all the boxes. It can help in clearing up congestion, creating better facial texture, keeping your face hydrated, and boosting your collagen.

Today, it’s an easy and low-maintenance beauty treatment. Most of the best salons in Singapore offer this fantastic beauty treatment. The process includes lymphatic drainage, red light therapy, and much more. The result? You’ll get a radiant glow that you’ve never seen before!

LED Skin Treatments

People spend hours in the salon getting the best face masks and massages to give them the heavenly glow they’ve wished for. Now you may like sitting on your robe and being pampered for hours, but for those who want a quick treatment and want to be in and out of the salon in no time, LED skin treatments can work wonders.

This treatment will help you get the same radiant glow within 15 minutes! All you need to do is sit under an LED light in your clothes. The treatment is fast effective and gets you the results you’re looking for in no time.

a man is applying a face mask.

Quality Manicure

Our hands work out quite a lot during the day, and they need our attention. Hands are exposed to dirty and dust throughout the day, and the last thing they need is cheap manicure treatment that worsens the nails instead of improving them. You need to look for quality and high-end manicure treatments to give your hands the love they deserve.

Many quality salons offer the best manicure treatments and can even fix you up with the best nail extensions in Singapore. So, stop going for cheap treatments, and give some much-needed love to your hands!

Keratin Hair Treatment

Another popular low-maintenance treatment bound to explode in 2022 is the Keratin hair treatment. If you want your hair to look great all the time and want to avoid blow drying, you should head over to a quality hair salon and get a Keratin hair treatment.

The process involves applying various combinations of proteins to hair strands that are dried and later flat ironed into hairs that you have only dreamed of! The entire process can take about two hours, and the cost varies depending on your location and the hair salon you choose. It is worth getting this hair treatment!

a person paying for a skin treatment

Skin Laundry Treatment

Do you want to look your absolute best all the time? Are you growing tired of applying those anti-aging products that are doing more harm then good? Well, a skin laundry treatment here and then can make you look your gorgeous self and give you a glowing face. A frequent skin massage at your nearby salon will ensure that your skin glows always. The treatment wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket but will give you a fresh look and feel that you’ve always wanted!

Eyelash Extensions

Another popular beauty treatment that has always been loved by beauty enthusiasts is eyelash extensions. You’d save money and time by getting quality mascaras and applying them frequently. Consider eyelash extensions as a long-term investment that will give you a jaw-dropping look every time you step out! They don’t cost as much as you think. However, you do need to go to a reliable and quality salon to get your eyelash extensions.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

You can take your eyelash game to the next level by undergoing an eyelash and the eyebrow tinting process. This is ideal for people who have extremely blonde lashes and brows. If you have thin brows or don’t want to apply mascara every day, eyelash and eyebrow tinting are something you should consider.

Low-Maintenance Beauty Treatments

Having said that, you should look for a quality salon in Singapore if you’re planning to get the procedure. You may get tint in your eyes if you get the procedure done by an amateur. This could result in serious burning in your eyes. Make sure the place you go to has experienced individuals who can provide you with quality treatments at an affordable price.

Chemical Peels for Glowy Skin

Another popular treatment that is making head waves are chemical peels. If you’re looking to get glowier and brighter skin, chemical peels can be a great option. They can provide visible improvements in your skin texture and tone. You can eliminate all fine lines and experience the glowy skin you’ve always dreamt of!

Additionally, chemical and facial peels can solve many skin problems depending on the type of peel you choose. Having said that, you need to be aware of your skin after getting the peel treatment. Make sure to keep your skin hydrated and have a good care routine to experience lasting effects. Use an SPF of at least 30 and keep your skin moisturized for amazing effects.

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