“Sebelle.. You’re colouring your hair, again? How does your hair not spoil by now?” If I earned a dollar every time I heard someone asking me these questions, man I would’ve been able to afford myself another premium colour session at a well-received hair salon. Honestly though, what’s the surprise?

Changing colours

If you’ve known me for a while now you would’ve seen how often my hair colour changes. One day it’s purple, another day it’s blue, the next week it’s brown-blonde, another week it’s pink. If you just started following me, just scroll down my Instagram page right now and you’ll see. I’m not denying it, I am crazy with hair colours, because I love them!

I have always believed a person’s mane contributes to his/her visual identity as a person. Many recognise me as someone who “has short purple hair” or “has multiple hair colours”. Don’t you think so? I have also always understood that different hair cuts and colours can bring out or compliment different parts of your face, and that has been something a lot of beauty lovers know at the back of their hand. You guys already know how much I love experimenting with new looks and new things; Obviously, it’s no wonder why my hairstyle is constantly being changed up now, right? Change is the only constant. Plus, it boosts my confidence when I learn to rock a new look!

Hair heaven

When I was anticipating my visit to Chapter 2, I was beating myself to decide if I wanted to try a new crazy colour, or get a super-duper-mega-ultra different cut. Chapter 2 has always been known for making their clients comfortable while getting their dream look in safe hands. They never disappoint. Speaking of safe hands, we’ve all been through the dilemma of trying out new salons, even if they were chosen over recommendations by friends who’ve had wonderful experiences. The possibility of a nightmare trip still exists.. Getting your hair cut waaay too toot-short, your hair coloured waaaay too wig-bright, or spending an unexpectedly huge grenade on the total bill.

But I’m sure to let you know my visit to Chapter 2 was nothing but a dream buy straight into Hair Heaven.

Nothing but a dream

1. They made sure I was comfortable. If my seat was too low, if my drink was warm enough, if I wanted to browse magazines or use their iPads.

2. They made sure they knew what I wanted before starting anything. They asked if I had any pictures to show them, and also discussed real short and sweet what they could do. I told the stylist I didn’t want to bleach my roots because I want to let them rest, so he suggested a Balayage dark-to-light sort of colour to even out the uneven bleach shades down my hair length.

3. The staff were really approachable, friendly, and ready whenever I needed help with anything.

4. I was literally in safe hands, the stylist was fast but precise, making sure he left out no details.

5. The hair washes/massages were amazing. You guys know how important this is!

6. They also did different types of hair masks to make sure my hair was smooth as well as strong and well protected to avoid breakage. They care about the condition of my hair like it’s theirs.

7. The end product was perfect; Exactly what I wanted and imagined it to be, if not, better!

8. Here’s something most people forget to talk about: About a month after this session, my hair colour has faded slightly but into another stunning colour of it’s own. Now it’s a lilac with slight tinges of blue. Don’t worry, my hair isn’t going near green this time. Most people have this problem with cooler hair shades, but the dye Chapter 2 has used on my hair seems to be working it’s magic!

In love with my new look

What else do you need to tick off your checklist before deciding it’s a salon you have to go to? I was absolutely in love with my new look. It felt like Christmas came early for me, and that this new look was my very first big present. I decided to go for bangs, although I had a fair share of worries for the sudden change, the stylist kindly assured me of how it could be styled, washed, and blowed to maintain the “whispy look” I was going for, coupled with a balayage of ash-purples.

To sum everything up for you guys, Chapter 2 really is a salon you should check out, or at the very least consider. Satisfaction level? 10000/10. Everything from start to finish was just done so well. I felt the extra oomph. The final hair look was a gorgeous masterpiece, and it was an amazing trip to a hair salon after such a long time.. Trust me, you need to visit them next.

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