Clinical Facial vs Salon Facial: What’s the Difference?

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Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between a clinical facial and a salon facial? Here’s all you need to know on which is the one best for you.

Clinical Facials

You will find clinical facials at aesthetics clinics and doctors’ office. They utilise medical-grade equipment and skincare. Unlike regular skincare products, medical-grade skincare often contain higher percentages of active ingredients. What this means? The products used during a clinical facial are often targeted specifically to your skin type and its concerns. Clinical facials penetrate deeper into the skin — most of them don’t do manual extractions. Instead of focusing on the existing problems, these aim to target the root of it.

Salon Facials

Most of us would know what a salon facial is. The cleanse, steam, extraction, and mask routine is something that would be all too familiar with us. For one, salon facials done by a beautician are a lot cheaper. Salon facials are great for maintenance — while they don’t clean as deeply as clinical facials, they are important to keep your skin in excellent shape. Sometimes, all we need is to get those gunk out of our pores, and these facials do exactly that. However, remember that once in awhile is more than good enough — having these facials too regularly could risk damaging the skin.

Which one is better?

Both types of facials have their merits, but if you’re suffering from long-standing skin ailments such as acne and eczema, clinical facials may be able to help cure it. Because it is so specific, these facials are able to individually target and tailor solutions to your problems. These are often really gentle. As a result, the chances of aggravating your skin is also close to zero. Plus, if you’re looking to do more invasive procedures, aesthetics clinics are the places to go.

However, if your skin needs the occasional pick-me-up and not much more, it’s definitely more worth it to stick to a salon facial. Clinical facials don’t come cheap — salon facials are only a fraction of the price. They are also definitely more relaxing. Who’s about to complain about the occasional massage thrown in here and there? With non-invasive treatments like SHR and IPL, there’s no need to stick with a aesthetics clinic as well. These treatments are carried out just as well at any reputable salon.

For the best results, consider a combination of the two. You could even visit a salon that utilises medical-grade equipment to get more bang for your buck. It’s bound to get your skin really glowing!

Here are some places to check out:

Peachy Skin Bar

Peachy Skin Bar believes regular professional skincare should be a part of your lifestyle to achieve healthy glowing skin. Each of their tailored treatments range from 30–60 minutes. After every facial, customers can even enjoy a complimentary drink from their BAR TUB menu. Peachy Skin Bar wants to improve your skin and empower you to feel good about yourself!

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J’s Medi-Spa

Nestled in Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, J’s Medi Spa is a one-stop luxury and medical-grade beauty salon in Singapore. Encapsulating the richness of luxury experiences, pamper your skin from top to toe with one (or more!) of their wellness treatments. This is the place to escape the hectic city life. Come for a treat for all your senses!

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CheongDam Skin Management

After working for years in South Korea’s premier beauty clinics, CheongDam’s founder returned to Singapore to open an aesthetics clinic. They only use leading skin treatments from major hospitals and skincare centers in Seoul, popular with Korean celebrities and beauty gurus. Located in Tanjong Pagar, all machines at CheongDam are 100% medical-grade and of superior quality, imported directly from Korea. With comprehensive 1:1 skin consultations, CheongDam Skin Management aims to achieve and maintain your skin beauty goals.

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