Chrome nails: How to nail the new trend

#nails. The hashtag forever filling your feed. Surely there’s no such thing as too many mind-blowing mani pics? As far as I’m concerned, there’ll never be enough nail pics storming social. That’s why I’m SO excited, I’m almost giddy, over the latest glossy trend capturing us in this beautiful 2016 moment. Say hello to the chrome mani. If you look close enough, you might even see your glistening reflection shining back at you. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, you are the fairest of them all 

Seriously though, I’ve gone crazy for moon manis, pretty polkas, and fancy florals (over the years). But THIS sheeny style really is something special.Just when you thought you’d donned every look possible, prepare to be amazed, folks. Let me introduce you to your latest dose of next generation nails. Are you ready to go through the looking glass?

What are chrome nails?

Basically, chrome nails, or mirror nails, are made up of a glittering powder. Yes – that is all. What’s more, they reflect light in a perhaps more literal way than your classic metallic manicure. Just magical, aren’t they?

How do chrome nails work?

Beauty pros achieve the look in 1 of 3 ways. By applying mirror nail wraps, pigmented powder, or by painting a chic chrome nail polish onto the nails. The technique varies depending on the one acquired by your beauty professional, but the look remains the same – super-shiny! And the base colour doesn’t have to be silver, either. Choose from a range of heavenly hues including everything from romantic rose to glittering gold.

Mirror nail wraps

Want to dip your nails in gold without the hefty price tag? You’re in luck! This technique relies on ultra-trendy nail wraps to give you a gorgeous glisten. Your beauty guru will begin by treating you to a classic manicure – buff, shine, polish, hand and arm massage – you know the drill. Then, they’ll follow by applying intricate stickers on your nails. After heating the area and cutting the stickers so you have a funky full set, we promise you’ll feel a million dollars. The look lasts around one week. Disco-ready yet?

Pigmented powder

To use mirror nail chrome magic powder and get the best results, it’s essential to begin with a layer of gel nail polish. Black is usually the best bet. Two coats should be sufficient. The nail technician will follow by wiping a highly pigmented glitter powder across the nail until it begins to reflect light. Check you out. Looking good, huh? The whole process is sealed with a gel topcoat to ensure you’re prim and polished to a T. The glassy effect is easy to apply on natural or artificial nails and lasts 2-3 weeks. Shine on sunshine!

Chrome nail polish

Perfect for rocking the disco vibe for a shorter amount of time, this polish is simple to apply but looks just as fab. Ask your beauty pro for their recommended color, depending on if you’re dressing ‘em up for a special occasion or rocking your thang naturally. There’s a technicolour of hues to choose from so no fear, there’s guaranteed to be one that takes your fancy.

Where do I get chrome nails?

On Vaniday, you’ll find a plethora of pretty nail treatments across Singapore so you can shine like the gem that you are! You game?

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