Choosing the Right Haircut for Your Face Shape

Want to know the secret to the perfect haircut that turns heads? We might have cracked the formula! The secret to a great haircut depends on two factors. First, you need to consider your face shape, and second, choose the right haircut that works with your hair texture.

Sounds simple enough, right? People struggle to understand their face shapes and what haircut would suit them. That’s why they look for affordable hair salons in Singapore to help them look perfect. Let’s see how you can choose the right haircut that perfectly fits your face shape. 

Understanding Your Face Shape

To get a perfect haircut, you need first to understand your face shape. Your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are the defining features of your face, and there are six main face shapes that people have. Oval shapes are where your length is more than your width. The forehead is usually the widest part of the face. Oval shapes are the most desired face shape among people.  

Square shapes are where the length and width are almost equal. There is a strong angled jaw, and the chin has minimal curves. Round shapes also have an equal ratio of length and width. The face cut has soft and rounded features. Cheekbones are flatter and are the most prominent part of the face. Heart shapes are usually in the form of inverted triangles.

Diamond shapes have pointy chins and narrow foreheads. At the same time, rectangular face shapes have similar widths in the forehead, cheeks, and jawlines.

Right Haircut

Types of Haircuts  

If you have an oval face, you can wear almost every style. Most go for long layers or shoulder-length waves that give you a confident look. You can also consider full fringe or a layered bob cut.

For people with square faces, wavy shags with wispy fringes are the way to go. You can also go for soft side-swept bangs or long layers with fringes. If you have a round face, try out a long bob.

Heart-shaped faces work well with blunt bangs, or you can also go for wavy layers for the perfect look. People with diamond-shaped faces often like to flaunt their high cheekbones. So, short-cropped hair or something that makes their cheekbones pop is ideal.

Popular Hair Colors to Choose in 2022

Now that you’ve understood the type of haircut that’ll suit your face, it is time to choose a jaw-dropping hair color that will make you stand out from the rest. Summers are upon us, and this is the perfect time to try out some of the hottest hair colors to go with your new haircut. Let’s look at some popular hair colors that will dominate 2022.

Brunette Hair

One of the best hair colors that are evergreen and give you an attractive look is a luscious brunette hair color. It will give your hair the depth it needs to turn heels and will make your hair look healthy, shiny, and glossy. Also, the hair color is perfect for those who want low-maintenance, luscious, and thick hair.

Right Haircut

Depending on your skin tone and haircut, you can choose from various shades of brown. You can choose a chocolate-looking color or go for a lighter shade that reflects your personality. You can opt for a darker shade to stand out from the rest. One of the best things about the color is that it suits all hair lengths and textures. Head to a good hair salon and get that brunette color you’ve wished for!

Blonde Blends

If you want to look at your sparkling best, you can choose a blonde hair color with your new hairstyle. A gorgeous blonde blend will turn head over heels and give you a Hollywood-type look you’ve always wished for. Blonde colors are incredibly light, silky, flirty, and fun. It’s a no-maintenance color that works well with most face types and haircuts. Wear it up, wear it down, curly or straight, blonde is the perfect color for you.

A Mix of Silver and Cooler Blonde

If you want to shift away from your traditional brunette and blonde colors, you can opt for a silver option which will provide you with an incredible option. A mix of silver and blonde can give you an amazing, sexy, and incredibly chic look. You can consider other colors in the spectrum as well. Mix and match with similar shades, and you will get a hair color you’d only find on TV screens. It can be warmer or cooler, have silvery hints, or lean into lavender. The options are endless.  

Right Haircut

Bright Monotone Hair Is Hot  

Bright colors are always trendy and give you a look like no other. They’ve always been trending for a while and will continue to dominate through the rest of the year. Beyond tendrils, dip-dyes, and ombre, you can mix and match with other bright monotone colors and create an incredible look. Pinks, blues, bright reds, oranges–the options are endless.

Having said that, you need an expert hair salon and experienced beautician to help you get the perfect hairstyle and hair color. Going to an amateur just to save money can backfire as they can completely ruin your hair. Look for quality hair salons around you that can guide you appropriately and help you choose the perfect hairstyle and color to go with your face structure.

Finding The Best Hair Salons in Singapore

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