Celebrity Hair Goals

Here we are in February guys. It feels like it was only last week when I was desperately rushing around trying to grab those last few Christmas presents and my email inbox is full of people reminding me that I don’t have anyone to buy me that ‘perfect gift’ this Valentine’s day. Luckily I have found ways to distract myself (from time slipping away and my lonely heart) and one of these ways is by taking a look at all of the key hairstyles of the season. When I’ve found myself thumbing through a magazine at the salonspa or manicurists I found myself asking – what haircuts are in right now?

I have more than a few hair icons myself and I really enjoying seeing who’s sporting what, and I’m sure you beauty- lovers do too, so that’s why I thought it would good to put some of the most followed people and most impressive styles in one place. It was hard to pick the best ones let me admit that right now, but I selected some of my favourites.

The Gigi Hadid Cali Girl

2016 is really shaping up to be the year of the Hadid’s right? You can’t turn a corner without seeing Gigi or her sister Bella on the front of a magazine or blown up across a billboard. But there’s good reason for this! Gigi’s long, healthy cali girl hair is giving us some serious hair goals. It’s cute and playful.

The Selena Gomez Black Magic

She might be sick of that same old love, but we are definitely not going to be getting sick of her amazing hair any time soon. Dark colours with textured waves create a serious and mysterious look, and we really think that Selena has this look down.

The Blake Lively Starlet Curl

If you’re looking for a look that perfectly encapsulates both the grace and glamour of 1920’s Hollywood yet maintains a modern edge to bring out your contemporary sense of style, then I suggest you take a look in Blake Lively’s direction. Defined, bouncy and glossy curls bring all allure of the red carpet and can give you some serious star-quality. xoxo gossip girl.

The Kate Hudson Lob

I’ve decided to call this the Kate Hudson lob, but it was a close call between the ‘Taylor Swift Lob’, ‘Hilary Duff Lob’, or ‘Rihanna (right now anyway) Lob’ – this really seems to be the look of the moment. Shoulder length, feathered hair gives a sleek, clean and modern look that’s right on trend this year.

The Adele Bob

Hello, it’s me – the jealous person looking at Adele’s hair. She’s the Queen diva right now but if you take a peek under her crown you’ll see her new bob. She called it a ‘mum bob’ herself, and maybe you know a few parents with a similar style, but it’s a genuinely lovely look – and super manageable! There’s no shame in wanting to cut down your styling time a little – gives you more time for your nails right.

The Jourdan Dunn Crop

This is maybe quite close to the Kate Hudson lob but if anything I thought this just highlights the trend of short cuts that we are seeing so many of this year. Jourdan Dunn, like the best of us, does change her hair pretty much every two minutes but before she does again – take a look at this cool cropped look. So demure. So charming. We love it.

So what did you think? I know that some of these people change their faster than they change their nail colour, but which one did you like the best? If you’re anything like me you probably spend hours in front of the mirror trying to recreate that cool look you’ve just seen on Instagram – but we hope these hair ideas have given you some hair goals to keep you motivated!