5 Bizarre Beauty Treatments That Actually Work

Usually, when Kim Kardashian walks into a spa we don’t bat an eyelid. It’s something she does on a regular occasion right? But this particular visit was different. Instead of opting for a generic beauty treatment, her face was stabbed with small needles full of blood taken from her arm! Welcome to the Vampire Facial. Since our favourite influencer caused this beauty storm back in 2014, the nation has been cottoning onto bizarre yet somehow beautiful treatments. On a quest to reverse the effects of the ticking time clock in the strangest way possible, here at Vaniday, we pick 5 of our best quirky services (no blood sucking involved).

Arabic Coffee Awakener

Have you heard what’s all the rage at the minute? It’s the act of applying coffee all over your body to cleanse deep into the pores. Just kidding. Although there is some truth in what we just said. Coffee beans work as a natural exfoliant and help to reduce cellulite. Combining dead sea mud with Arabic coffee, our salon professionals wrap you up in a heavenly cocoon of homemade body mask to reawaken your senses and send you to the land of nod. Followed by a soothing massage.

Diamond Firming Glow Facial

Ok, so this treatment doesn’t contain real diamonds. However, it does contain a shimmer of actual diamond dust and will leave your skin crystal-clear. Using a gentle exfoliation technique, beauty therapists will use the diamond heads to break down layers of dirt to reveal younger, brighter glistening complexion. This facial also speeds up the production of collagen, improving elasticity while banishing blackheads, blemishes and wrinkles.

Natural Hot Lava Shell Massage

If you think you’ve heard it all, we’re about to shock you. You might have tried all the massages under the sun but we bet you’ve never come across one using hot tiger-striped clam shells. This one hour wonder uses palm-size shells shipped from the Philippines. Professionals place a teabag-like sachet inside each shell. Then, beauty professionals lovingly mix a unique concoction of algae and sea kelp to make a great ‘lava gel’. Add a little sea water and you have enough heat to alleviate tension in even your biggest muscles. Voilà!

Milk peel

Don’t worry. We’re slightly sceptical too. But it isn’t what you imagined. This treatment is simply a gentler version of a chemical peel which utilises sour milk and various other acids. Providing a safe exfoliation process, expect myriad skin improvements including smoothness, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and skin elasticity. Refreshes and replenishes all complexions for a new, slightly more attractive you.

Chocolate body mask

Ever wished you could enjoy the immense benefits of chocolate without feeling guilty for it afterwards? We have the answer. A chocolate body wrap begins with a gentle exfoliation including a mix of almond oil scrub and cocoa beans. Chocolate has plenty of antioxidant effects and draws out impurities from the body. Lie down for 20 minutes while breathing in the soft aroma of your favorite sweet while transforming your body and mind.

Are there any weird but wonderful services we haven’t mentioned? Let us know!

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