Best Relaxing Massage Services in Singapore

Relaxing Massage

Feeling stressed after a hectic day? Take time off to unwind to enjoy relaxing massage services. Getting a full-body massage is a great way to relieve the tension, soothe your aching muscles and maintain your peace of mind.

We have surveyed the most popular massages services in Singapore for you. You will start to feel better as soon as you check out these options.

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

An aromatherapy massage is one of the most relaxing massages you can experience in a fresh, pleasant-smelling environment. It gives you complete relaxation and calmness by reducing stress. It can be a great way to cope with anxiety and depression too. Aromatherapy heals your body, mind and spirit with gentle touches and aromatic essential oils. It’s a holistic healing treatment. It also helps you manage sleep disorders.

Shiatsu Body Massage

Shiatsu body massage is a Japanese massage technique to remove the pain by focusing on certain points of your body. During Shiatsu massage your therapist applies some pressure to right points with their hands, palms and thumbs to promote energy flow and correct imbalances in your body. It’s a deeply relaxing massage that can help you relieve stress and ease aching muscles which causes a poor quality of life.Whether you have that common aching muscle issues after sitting chained to your desk for hours or you suffer from jet-lag, Shiatsu massage can make a way to your rescue.

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Massage, also known as Thai yoga massage, is an ancient massage technique that includes passive stretching assisted by your therapist and gentle pressure applied to your muscles. Your therapist flex your joints and apply pressure to your muscles with their hands, forearms, elbows and knees to reduce tension. It’s a energy-balancing massage for your body. It stimulates circulation and lower your blood pressure. So, this yoga-like massage boosts your energy. If you feel a bit low, traditional Thai massage can be a game changer for you.

Balinese Massage

Balinese massage is a combination of different massage techniques rolled into one session like acupressure, aromatherapy, reflexology, stretching, stroking and skin rolling. This technique brings you a deep relaxation. It improves your circulation and increases your energy while calming your mind and help you let go of the stress with a little help of essential oils too. This massage also helps you release tension in your body and relieve muscle knots.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a therapy uses smooth and heated stones. Your therapist put heated basalt stones on certain points of your body while giving your massage. Heated stones relieve the pain that pesky muscle knots cause. Sometimes cold stones are used too during the treatment to detoxify your body. 

Enjoy your spa day and book your massage services with Vaniday right away!

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