Beauty Subscription Boxes: Are They Worth It?

Beauty Subscription Boxes: Are They Worth It? |

The joy of receiving a subscription box is akin to receiving your parcels from that massive 11.11 shopping haul. You never really know what’s inside, but that’s the point — who doesn’t love a good surprise? Beauty subscription boxes are popular for beauty junkies who love trying new beauty products. However, are they really worth their weight in gold?

What are beauty subscription boxes?

According to BYRDIE, a beauty subscription box curates a selection of the beauty and wellness products and delivers them right to your door, as often as you’d like. Whether you’re into using all-vegan beauty products or want to discover new niche beauty brands, today’s beauty subscription box offerings have something for everyone.

What types of beauty subscription boxes are there?

A subscription box service from popular beauty and skincare site LookFantastic costs $36 for a 3-month subscription. BlackBox offers a selection of local and drugstore brands starting from $9.90! A quick Google search on beauty subscription boxes available in Singapore leads to a good number to choose from!

What’s great about them?

For those who love trying new products, beauty subscription boxes are a good option and help save money in the long run. No more wasted products, much less wasted money! This is also true for loyal customers of certain brands who know what they want and subscribe for scheduled deliveries of said products. Plus, who doesn’t love a good dopamine rush from a surprise?

Any bad points?

Not all the products in a beauty subscription box is going to be suitable for your skin type. Furthermore, some boxes aren’t value for money if you’re not interested in the brands on offer. It’s important to look around to find one that will get you excited. Don’t commit just for the sake of it — the hassle of cancelling a subscription is not worth it.

For those who love to do their own research and have specific skincare concerns, a beauty subscription box probably isn’t going to satisfy those needs. It is much more worthwhile to spend the time and money looking for products that you will truly love instead of spending on a subscription.

Are beauty subscription boxes a good buy?

All in all, a beauty subscription box is a fun way to try new products. This is especially so if you’re shopping around for new products. However, it isn’t worth the money in the long run. If you’re not interested in trying new products and have stuff that work for you — great! Stick to them, and other than than scheduling a regular facial, your skin will be great!

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