Beat the summer heat with all natural fuss-free fluttery lashes (Julia Visits)

Hello again to all the beauty lovers who’ve been keeping up with our updates!

I’m sure many of you can empathize when I say the weather these few days in Singapore has been rather unrelenting, with nary a breeze for respite. And as much as I love my makeup, the humidity and stickiness that comes along with the scorching weather makes me want to go out bare-faced sometimes, just so I can let my skin breathe a little.

So, on my more leisurely days, my mantra has been “the lesser, the better”. I’d been toying with the idea of eyelash extensions for quite some time to remove the extra step of mascara from my routine, but the Vaniday team suggested visiting a salon for an alternative service instead – Lash Regrowth. Just like lash extensions, the lash regrowth service promises longer, lusher lashes but I guess that’s where the similarities end. From what Jas, the salon owner told me, lash regrowth uses technology from Germany to revitalize our cells during the treatment process, naturally enabling our lashes to grow more healthily, with the final result being more voluminous lashes for our peepers.

While the results are of course, not as immediate, Lash Regrowth has had so many positive reviews that it stoked my curiosity enough to book an appointment with them a couple days later. Sharing with you guys how the process went below!

The Process

My therapist, Ting Ting, first removed my eye makeup for me before measuring my pre-treatment lash lengths and coating my lashes with their serum. On a side note, don’t worry too much if you’re like me and have super sensitive skin around your eye area – I had no adverse reaction to their serum at all.

Then, she used an electronic micro-needle machine to stimulate the hair follicles on both my upper and lower lashes. I must say, it’s not the most comfortable treatment around but definitely painless and less scary than it sounds, AND the entire process only took 20 minutes.

These steps are followed by a quick eye mask and I was all done.

The Results

My favourite aspect of Lash Regrowth would probably be that it’s totally fuss-free and has close to no downtime (I was able to use eye-makeup again the next day). Results are supposed to show after 3-4 weeks but I’m about a week in and have already realized that I hardly need to use mascara on my lower lashes anymore. Will be sure to post on my Instagram account (@julialjq) the eventual results in time to come.

Current Promotion (in the month of July 2017)- Lash Regrowth/ Brow Regrowth at $140 (U.P. $380) + FREE Keratin Tint Treatment (Worth $38)

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