Barbershop vs Hair Salon: What’s the Difference?

Barbershop vs Hair Salon: What's the Difference? |

Thinking about refreshing your style, but not sure whether a barbershop or hair salon is better? We break down the differences for you to help you choose the best one for your needs.


Barbers are where men tend to gravitate to when they need a cut. However, that’s not always the case. Barbers are trained to cut classic, short mens’ styles with blends, fades and shaves. Their tool of choice are clippers. If you know what you want and it’s a simple cut, a barbershop is definitely where you should head to. Barbers also tend to be cheaper as they offer a no-frills service. They also offer hot shaves, which are an absolute treat.

Hair Salon

Hair salons are what most women would choose when getting a cut. Unlike barbershops, they offer a full suite of services such as hair treatments and hair colouring services. Hair stylists are trained to use haircutting shears, and are able to recreate longer, more technically advanced styles. They’re also more able to advise you on current trends and suitability of styles, so if you need a consultation before plunging in, a salon would be your best bet!

Which one is better?

When it comes down to it, there are quite a few differences between barbershops and hair salons. However, there is no better option. It very much depends on the style and look you are going for. Both have their merits and weakness. If you’re looking for a longer haircut, a hair salon will be the better choice, especially if you want additional services such as hair colouring and perming. If you want to go for a classic fade, a barbershop would be better. The best way to decide is to find a style you like, and choose from there. Need inspiration? Click here for an update on the latest men’s hairstyles.

Here are some places to check out:

Sultans of Shave

Sultans of Shave | Barbershop vs Hair Salon: What's the Difference? | Vaniday

Sultans of Shave provides a space for gentlemen to pamper themselves and network in a relaxed setting. All professionals are trained in London, and strive to provide the ultimate shaving experience for all gentlemen. With outlets conveniently located throughout the CBD, there’s no reason not to get groomed! You’ll come out looking suave and dapper.

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Barber 25

Barber 25 | Barbershop vs Hair Salon: What's the Difference? | Vaniday

Service with a smile is what you will get at Barber 25, and is what they strive to see on their customer’s faces. From personalised services to high-level barbering and hairdressing techniques, you will be met with impeccable levels Japanese hospitality here. Grooming doesn’t have to be a solo experience. They also offer private rooms for ladies. That’s right, so you can bring your significant other and little ones along to join in on the action.

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Splice Barbershop

Splice Barbershop | Barbershop vs Hair Salon: What's the Difference? | Vaniday

Looking for a clean, unpretentious, modern barbershop? This is exactly what you’ll find at Splice Barbershop. Located conveniently in Suntec City, Splice Barbershop services clients with their experienced handTrust in the experienced hands of the barbers, specialising in the traditional art of barbering, and let the professionals work their magic on you.

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DF Salon

DF Salon | Barbershop vs Hair Salon: What's the Difference? | Vaniday

Located in Bishan, DF Salon is a family-run business (DF refers to the initials of the husband and wife team behind it!) that offers affordable hair solutions. Don’t let the prices fool you — the service you’ll be getting is top-notch. With a whole menu extending from hair cuts to colouring, perms, straightening and treatments, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for here. Another reason to come here? They focus on using products that are sustainable, so it’s not just good for your hair, but for the earth as well!

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86 Blanc Hair Studio

86 Blanc Hair Studio | Barbershop vs Hair Salon: What's the Difference? | Vaniday

A professional hair boutique in Orchard, 86 Blanc Studio is a professional hair boutique is one that is accessible to all price ranges. Choose from a bevy of hair services ranging from basic haircuts to perms and highlights. With over 10 years of combined experience, they pride themselves on meeting the needs of each and every person that walks through their doors.

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