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What would a futuristic salon look like? You don’t have to look much further than Amazon Salon, a new salon where customers can experience the best in hair care and styling. The sprawling salon is set over two floors and more than 1,500 square feet on Brushfield Street in London’s Spitalfields.

Amazon opening a hair salon? Who would’ve guessed. However, it all ties in. The salon is the latest initiative designed to support the professional beauty industry and follows the launch of the Amazon Professional Beauty Store on

It’s aim? To trial the latest industry technology, from augmented reality (AR) hair consultations to point-and-learn technology. They aren’t about doing half-ass job with it either. Hair care and styling services at Amazon Salon will be provided by Elena Lavagni, owner of Neville Hair & Beauty, an independent salon based in London.

A whole new salon experience

Be prepared for a salon experience unlike any other. Using augmented reality technology, customers will be able to experiment with different virtual hair colours. They will also be able to enjoy entertainment on Fire tablets at each styling station, as well as capture their new look in a dedicated creative area.

woman using AR in the Amazon Salon, London

The salon will also test new point-and-learn technology. Customers can simply point at the product they are interested in on a display shelf. Relevant information, including brand videos and educational content, will then appear on a display screen. Interested in a product? All you need to do is scan the relevant QR code, and you’ll be directed to Amazon to purchase it, with delivery direct to your home!

amazon salon london

An experiential venue to test out Amazon’s products and services, Amazon Salon combines the best of beauty and technology, all under one roof. Unfortunately, they do not have plans to expand, and it’s currently open to Amazon employees only. Nonetheless, let’s hope we can get something like this in Singapore soon!

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