A Gentleman’s Guide to Grooming

Whether you’re a city slicker or a downtown hipster, looking smart is a part of the living in Singapore rule book. Yes, modern men, we’re talking to you. Keeping your nails spick and span is as important as staying fit and healthy. This week we’re picking the top beauty treatments guaranteed to leave you channeling a look you’ll be proud of.


Ever consider the damaging effects of living in a big city? Besides always being on the go, big city life can wreak havoc with your skin. Fumes, toxins and pollution, you name it, there are lots of nasties clogging those precious pores of yours. A replenishing facial helps reverse the damaging effects that various have on your skin. Aware of the differences between male and female skin, your beauty professional will ensure you’re getting a totally bespoke treatment. They will follow the 3 step essential beauty process to cleanse, tone and soothe.


A shiny new mani is the new go-to for men all over Singapore. From the classic paraffin manicure to a sea salt soak, having your nails buffed, trimmed and polished is a new style staple. Whether you’re attending a high-class meeting or planning date night with a loved one, having well-polished nails will add an understated edge to your outfit.


Feeling worn out? We hear you! Working long hours often leaves you with no time to think, never mind relax. Let us reveal how your better half always looks so glamorous. It’s all about letting yourself feel like more of a man. With an array of treatments to choose from including deluxe body scrubs, wraps and full body massages, our salons will give you the right royal treatment.

Full shave

Shaving cream, got. Moisturiser, got. Hot towel, got. Not often you say that now is it? Book a full shave treatment and you’ll have everything you need for a complete once-over. They’ll even through in a soothing face mask and massage for good measure.

Hair removal

Yes, you heard right, Gents. Waxing your back, chest, legs, arms — you name it, it’s natural. Our groomers will ensure you’re feeling stress-free and ready to unwind before embarking on this life-changing beauty ritual.

Need a last minute hair fix, well-tweezed brows or cared-for cuticles? You’re in luck. Vaniday is the ultimate go-to when it comes to getting all your grooming needs at your convenience. You can have faith that wherever you book your next appointment, you’re going to receive only the finest service available and be looked after in the highest quality salons around. Whether you’re booking a shave, haircut or wax – trust us to connect you with the best professionals in the business. And, if you don’t have a date yet, you might even get lucky! Feel like a new man yet?

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