9 Acne Facts You Should Know About

9 Acne Facts You Should Know About

Most people who suffer from acne resort to harsh chemicals and conventional antibiotic therapies. No, drinking enough water will not always get you clear skin!

Though acne may not be a serious problem it can sometimes lead to psychological and mental stress. To treat acne there exists many types of acne medication and solutions. Many of the acne medication treatments may include topical or systematic acne solutions. Additionally, homeopathic treatments may also be applied to prevent the out-break of acne. Which acne medication to use first depends on what is the cause of acne. But what actually causes acne? Acne is mostly caused by hormonal disorder.

Here are the 9 facts of acne formation process.

1. Hormones are chemical substances which regulate all functions in human body. They tell organs and cells what to do. In human body exist various hormones. But for acne we are interested in testosterone which is found in both women and men.

2. Testosterone is the most active androgen in human body. They control sebum production. Too much of sebum leads to acne formation. Why we have no acne before puberty? Simply because testosterone formation begins in puberty.

3. Other hormones can also aggravate acne. But they are not direct cause.

4.  Direct cause of acne is not food, stress or bacteria either. Bacteria is just last player in our story. 

5. Direct cause of acne is ‘Hormonal Imbalance’ on the first place. This is a possible scenario for main acne causes: Hormonal imbalances cause liver to not be able to remove all the hormones. Liver sends it to the skin as Acne. 

6. What causes hormonal imbalance? When there is no communication between cells and hormones, hormones will be out of balance. This is because of the lack of prostaglandins which are messengers between cells and hormones.

7. Why there is no sufficient number of prostaglandins in our bodies? Because we have no enough of GLA- gamma-linnolenic acid. This is because of stress, bad habits, foods or lack of vitamins. We take GLA- gamma-linnolenic acid from the various food we eat. 

8. What is happening when we are out of prostaglandins? Hormonal imbalance! As we mentioned above, the liver can have problems removing over-loaded hormones. It sends overbalanced hormones our skin in form of acne. Strong liver is a must for all acne sufferers.

9. What is the final solution for acne? Answer is restoration of hormonal balance and making your liver stronger. 

The severity of your acne problem determines the type of acne medication to be used. In fact, for the less serious acne cases it is best to start with natural acne solutions. This normally comprises of natural herbs and exotic plants that are effective in prevention of bacterial formation. 

There are many herbs signalled as potentially therapeutic. Some acne sufferers swear by certain herbal supplements. Black currant seed oil and evening primrose oil are recommended to acne sufferers. Evening primrose oil is an oil which is rich in essential fatty acids. It contains 8-10% GLA. Try taking three 500-milligram capsules each day to control your acne. It may be helpful to create an herbal diary of sorts. You can track the herbs you are taking and their efficacy.

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