8 Weird Beauty Hacks You Never Knew About

OK, so we’re not asking you to start applying lipstick to your forehead, lather your hair in mayonnaise or add charcoal to your toothbrush oh, wait. Maybe we are. From the weird to the wonderful, many beauty remedies promise to transform your look. Step out of your comfort zone and read on to find the ones you never even knew about. Who knew the leftover food in your fridge could be so useful? Here are 8 weird beauty hacks you never knew about!

Put mayonnaise in your hair

It’s not just for putting on your fries. This creamy condiment is perfect for protecting your hair from the damaging effects of shampooing, and the oil base will give your locks a subtle shimmer. If you put a thin layer on the ends of your hair, the mayo prevents the shampoo from drying your ends and making them brittle. It’s a ritual even our favorite Gossip Girl swears by. Did you know it’s also perfect for easing sunburn pain?

Coffee grounds banish cellulite

The caffeine booster has many antioxidant properties and works as a gentle exfoliator, banishing cellulite and increasing blood circulation. Mix (used) ground coffee with hot water to form a gentle body scrub and wipe your worries away. Just massage into the skin using small, circular motions to reveal silky smooth skin. The fresh aroma of coffee beans is sure to awaken your senses, and you can rest assured you’re taking advice from beauty queen Halle Berry with this little tip.

Perfect with primer

Got a touch of mascara on your foundation? Fear not. Add a touch of primer to the back of you hand and gently smooth it over with a cotton wool bud. Then, apply the tip to the mascara smudge. You’ll remove the pesky stain but not the foundation. Voilà!

Use mouthwash on your feet

Really? Did we just tell you to put your feet in a bowl of mouthwash? Using great formulas such as Listerine help to exfoliate the skin when combined with equal parts of vinegar and water. Sit back and soak feet for at least 15 minutes. This mix even removes nasty calluses!

Olive oil to the rescue

Remember all those times you’ve scurried around your bedroom searching top to bottom for a drop of makeup remover? What if we were to tell you the little wonder has been hiding in your kitchen this whole time? Apply a little olive oil to a cotton pad and watch it wipe away matte lipstick and smudge-proof eyeliner. Just like magic. And if your mascara is near end, add a drop of contact solution and shake to transform clumpy mascara back to working order.

Your flawless manicure

Applying nail polish can sometimes call for a messy occasion, especially if your hands are prone to shaking. If you have some Vaseline on board, apply a little to the edges of your nails. It will stop the polish from sticking to the skin and ruining your perfect mani. P.S. Vaseline can also be used to remove lipstick. Add a dot to a tissue and wipe off. It’ll also make you lips super soft. Lush!

Add charcoal to your toothbrush

You might look a bit weird when you follow this beauty tip, but trust us on this one. Charcoal has antioxidant properties, killing harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Get natural beach waves

Plait your hair and run a straightening iron from the top to the tip to create boho waves. This hack is a must-have for achieving beach-ready tresses.

Are there any weird beauty hacks that you love? Let us know!

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