8 Types of Fitness Classes in Singapore to Hit All Your Fitness Goals

Fitness classes

If home workouts just haven’t been cutting it for you, it’s time to take it up a notch with some fitness classes. Unlike at home or at the gym where you are often unsupervised and, ahem, have to motivate yourselves to complete that gruelling workout, fitness classes all come coupled with a productive workout space, a motivating instructor, and a whole lot of fun. If you made the resolution to get fit and fab this year, there’s no better time to start than now.


If you’re a fan of rad music and dark rooms, this may just be the class for you. This is nothing like traditional boxing, where sparring and partner work takes precedence. Instead, you’ll be thrashing it out on a water-filled punching bag, which is notably less harsh on your hands. What’s more — dark rooms = no judgement. Boxing can burn up to 800 calories an hour, and alongside the HIIT-intensive intervals, you’ll probably find yourself burning a lot more.


There’s a reason why yoga is so popular in Singapore. If you prefer something less intense with more mindfulness and meditation to it, yoga is the one to try. It has many benefits, and especially for those with prior injuries, can be rehabilitative. It is suitable for people of all ages as it is low in impact. Practice your asanas at Saakalya Yoga, set against a variety of idyllic locations.


Chances are that you’ve heard of pilates. Comprised of multiple core workouts done on padded mats, pilates helps to improve stability and strength. Like yoga, it is one of the most popular fitness classes out there, and suitable to anyone, especially those with previous injuries. Take it up a notch with reformer machines, which is even gentler but even more effective, and aids in the isolation of muscles.


Yes, trampoline fitness is apparently a thing. Reach new heights and bounce your hearts out with this new fitness trend. Low impact but high on fun, this workout can torch up to 1000 calories an hour. If you were the kid who enjoyed jumping on the bed when you were younger, this is one workout you’d definitely enjoy.


With spots like Absolute Cycle and Sync Cycle popping up in Singapore, the indoor cycling trend that has captured fitness enthusiasts all across the world is here to stay. The humble stationary bike is given a glamorous update, alongside high BPM music to get you perspiring like crazy. Increasing resistance, increasing your speed, and switching up your positions, you’re in for a hell of a ride at this class.

Aqua Spinning

There’s spinning, and then there’s aqua spinning. There’s not that much to it — it’s just riding a spin bike in a pool. This incorporates the same switching of speeds as regular spinning, however, the higher resistance makes pedalling at breakneck speeds a lot harder. You’ll even find the occasional freestyle kicks thrown into the mix. However, because water much denser than air, aqua spinning isn’t as taxing on your joints, and in facts, massages them and provides relief. It’s the ideal fitness class you’d want to take on a hot and sweltering day in Singapore.

Boot Camps

Love the outdoors? Ditch the air-conditioned gym and head straight for a boot camp. Inspired by the military boot camps, these classes follow the same style and format. Be challenged by a mix of resistance drills and cardio. You finished your first set? Don’t be surprised that you still have multiple circuits left to go! Boot camps are ideal for anyone wanting to challenge themselves. Try the one at Ziklag Fitness — with a class size of just 5 people, this bootcamp ensures an optimal supervision at affordable pricing.

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