6 Ways to Make Your Work From Home Productive

6 Ways to Make Your Work From Home More Productive | magazine.vaniday.com

Working from home during these times can be both a boon and a bane. While there are numerous benefits to working from the comfort of your own home, you may also find yourself on the flip side of the coin — more distracted and restless. Here are 6 ways to make your work from home productive while staying healthy and happy.

Dress to look the part

While you may be tempted to stay in your pajamas, a clothes swap may be just what you need to kickstart your productivity. Dressing up, as you would do for work, will help you make the switch to your work mode. Adopting similar triggers, such as following your usual daily routine of getting ready, will also ease you into your day!

Have a to-do list

It’s easy to lose track of things or to be overwhelmed. However, having something as simple as daily to-do list will help you to prioritise your tasks and avoid distractions. The process of checking off goals will help you quantify how much work you have been doing and what you have achieved, and will help you focus on bigger, long term goals. It also motivates you to continue at it and will help keep your work from home productive.

Keep to defined working hours

As one of the hardest working nations in the world, it may be hard to take a step back from work. Overworking is so much easier at home as the lines between our working life and private life begin to blur. However, drawing up a schedule and sticking to it is important to stay healthy and to avoid work burnout. In fact, count it as a blessing in disguise! It’s the perfect time to take a breather and get more sleep, now that having to commute is out of the way.

Set up a designated work space

Doing work from the sofa or your bed is definitely not a good idea, and will render you unproductive. These spaces are designated to be relaxation spaces, and as such, will also trigger a similar response from your brain. While not all of us are blessed with the space to have a home office, it is important to set aside a space solely for work. This also makes it easier to switch between work mode and rest mode, and to keep to a schedule.

Take breaks

One of the benefits to working from home is being able to take breaks as and when you need it. Unlike the office, you can sneak in a few breaks without getting strange looks! Don’t be afraid to take an afternoon power nap or to go for a short run. Practicing self-care during this period is more important than ever, and anything that will refresh your mind and help you to focus better is highly encouraged. Scheduling a massage or manicure session to pamper yourself every now and then will help, too!

Communication is key

Working from home poses a different set of challenges. For one, you’re working alone. Getting approval for your work from your supervisor or discussing ideas with your team may not be as simple. Make use of tools such as video calls for meetings and brainstorming sessions, and don’t always rely on emails —where many things get lost along the way! There will inevitably be hiccups along the way. Working on them together and communicating is key during these times to keep the work from home process as smooth and productive as possible.

Whether we like it or not, COVID-19 is here to stay. What we can do, however, is make the best of it and tackle the issues it presents, one by one!

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