6 Ways to Have a Healthier Christmas

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Research shows that people consume around an estimated 3,000 calories during Christmas dinner — more than the recommended daily intake for a grown man. It’s the holidays, so do you really need to watch that waistline? We’d say no, but if you think otherwise, this article is for you. Here’s 5 ways to have a healthier Christmas!

Get moving

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you need to sit down all day! Getting some exercise in before the big feast will not only get your metabolism up, but also help you avoid eating out of boredom. Taking a short walk after that heavy meal will be beneficial to your body, too!

Control your booze intake

Sure, a glass or two of wine sounds great, but go easy on the booze. While they may be delicious, alcoholic beverages are filled with empty calories, and can really rack up that caloric intake! Try to alternate between water or unsweetened beverages to buffer the damage.

Fill your plate with greens

What’s the point of eating vegetables on Christmas? That’s what you may be thinking, but hey, if you’re going to consume a whole lot of junk anyway, getting some greens in should be helpful to, erm, help you unload it after. Filling your stomach up with greens and fruits will also

Not all dishes are made equal

Go more for lean proteins such as chicken and turkey, roasted vegetables and salad. While you can still have a little bit of everything, go easy on the portions!

Get a good night of sleep

Getting a good night of sleep before will be beneficial to helping you control your appetite. Research has shown that sleep deprivation may be hurting your waistline as it causes your cravings for unhealthy food to increase.

Eat well the day after

So you’ve skipped all our tips on how to have a healthier Christmas and you’ve overindulged. So what? It’s just one day. Get back on track after Christmas by having a healthy breakfast and starting your day right with some exercise.

Vaniday wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! May you have a beautiful Christmas!

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