6 Ways to Beat the Chinese New Year Weight Gain

Weight loss after Chinese New Year Goodies
Weight loss after Chinese New Year Goodies

During a time of feasting and celebration, it is inevitable that we will pack on some pounds. However, you can keep this damage to a minimum by following these simple tips. Here are 6 simple tips that will help you beat the annual Chinese New Year weight gain.

Get moving

Just because it’s Chinese New Year doesn’t mean you need to sit down all day! Getting some exercise in before the visiting commences will not only get your metabolism up, but also help you avoid eating out of boredom. Taking a short walk after that heavy meal will be beneficial to your body, too!

Go easy on the alcohol

Sure, some beer sounds great, but go easy on the booze. While they may be delicious, alcoholic beverages are filled with empty calories, and can really rack up that caloric intake! Try to alternate between water or unsweetened beverages to buffer the damage.

Not all dishes are made equal

During your hot pot meals, opt for leaner proteins such as chicken and fish, and avoid processed ingredients like cheese tofu and luncheon meat. While you can still have a little bit of everything, go easy on the portions!

Get a good night of sleep

Getting a good night of sleep will be beneficial to helping you control your appetite. Research has shown that sleep deprivation may be hurting your waistline as it causes your cravings for unhealthy food to increase! That means a higher likelihood to keep on eating those pineapple tarts!

Be smart with your goodies

Snacking on all those Chinese New Year goodies may be a highlight, but these are high in calories and are one of the primary causes behind the Chinese New Year weight gain! Be mindful of what you are eating, and try to limit yourself to a few pieces at most!

Eat well the day after

Even if you’ve skipped all our tips on how to have a healthier Chinese New Year and overindulged, so what? It’s just one day. While there’s bound to be more feasting in the days to come, try to balance your intake with a healthy breakfast and starting your days right with exercise.

VaniZine wishes you a Happy Niu Year! May the year ahead be prosperous and filled with happiness.

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