6 Spots to Get a Brazilian Wax in Singapore

    Brazilian Waxing in Singapore

    Summer is just around the corner, and that means bikinis and the beach. An essential? Smooth, hairless skin. While many of us have opted for the traditional method of shaving, it is time-consuming and can lead to nasty side effects! Instead, why not opt for a Brazilian wax? There are many benefits to waxing as opposed to shaving. No touch-ups required for as many as 4 weeks, and much less chances of ingrown hairs, too! Getting your first Brazilian wax can be a stressful experience. No worries — we’ve rounded up the best spots to get a Brazilian wax in Singapore for a hairless and relatively painless experience!

    What is a Brazilian wax?

    Brazilian wax and waxing types

    For first-timers, a Brazilian wax is a total removal of the hair at your pubic area — including your bum and around your labia! Other popular forms would be the bikini wax, but hey, if you’re going to go through all that trouble, you may as well get everything off!

    Where to get a Brazilian wax in Singapore?

    B@RE Beauty Clinic

    B@RE Beauty Clinic

    Located in Kovan, B@RE Beauty Clinic provides a host of professional beauty services using the latest technology. Specialising in a range of hair removal solutions such as IPL, SHR and waxing, their friendly therapists will make painful hair removal a thing of the past. Book an appointment and discover the beautiful you! Be prepared to spend $45 for their Brazilian Waxing.

    Book B@RE Beauty Clinic on Vaniday.

    Wax Factor

    Waxing, IPL, vajacials and more at this salon in Orchard

    Wax Factor is salon located in Somerset that specialises in hair removal, feminine skincare and airbrush tanning. Be it a full Brazilian, IPL or an airbrush tan, whatever treatment you opt for, you’re sure to get service with a smile here. With soothing blue and white treatment rooms, your experience at Wax Factor will be nothing but seamless and smooth — just like your hairless skin! At $60, the Ladies Brazilian Waxing is a steal — there’s aftercare provided, too!

    Book Wax Factor on Vaniday.

    MiracleSally Wax Parlour

    MiracleSally Wax Parlour

    Located in Oxley Tower, MiracleSally offers patrons a cosy and comfortable avenue for body hair removal. Hygienic, reliable, safe and painless, come join in the wax revolution here at MiracleSally Wax Parlour. First-timers, you’re in luck! The Full Brazilian + Crack (Hard Wax) is $45, discounted from its original price of $55. That’s another reason to stop by!

    Book MiracleSally Wax Parlour on Vaniday.

    Nude Wax Parlour

    Nude Wax Parlour - Orchard Gateway

    Conveniently located in Holland Village and Somerset, there are a Brazilian reasons to get waxed at Nude Wax Parlour. Enjoy fuss-free and painless wax services, administered by skilful therapists who will ensure that all your needs are met. Goodbye unwanted hair, hello smooth skin! A 100% Off Brazilian will set you back $60 here.

    Book Nude Wax Parlour – Holland Village and Nude Wax Parlour – Orchard Gateway on Vaniday.

    The Organic Room SG

    The Organic Room Singapore

    The Organic Room is a salon with an attention to detail and quality. Running on an appointment-only basis, this ensures that each customer gets the full experience, uninterrupted and undisturbed. As a Muslim-run salon, you can be assured that the products used here are fully organic and halal. Looking for a eco-friendly alternative to waxing? Meet sugaring, waxing’s but-better counterpart. Try the Brazilian Gold Sugaring ($60), which promises finer hair and slower regrowth.

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    Becca’s Beautique

    This home-based beauty salon in Yishun provides a suite of hair removal services at very affordable prices. You’ll be able to score a Waxing – Brazilian for just $35. Don’t be deterred by the prices — Becca is more than qualified and you’ll feel relaxed in her skillful hands.

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