6 Makeup Tips for People Who Are Always Late

6 Makeup Tips For People Who Are Always Late | magazine.vaniday.com

Whether you woke up late or underestimated your time on hand, hands up if you’ve ever had to step up of the house without makeup. Here’s 6 tips to help you master your makeup effortlessly in as little time as possible, straight from a lazy girl.

Tinted moisturiser is your best friend

As if having a whole skincare routine wasn’t enough! Cut to the chase by incorporating tinted moisturiser in your routine. On days where I have no time, I slap on a tinted moisturiser and I’m good to go. While it doesn’t quite offer the full coverage of a foundation, tinted moisturisers cut the time spent on prepping your face by half!

Brows on the bus

If there’s one thing I NEED, it’s brows. Drawing brows can be a hassle, especially for those of us not blessed in the eyebrow department. Keep a brow gel on hand to help add volume and shape your brows. Unlike a brow pencil, a brow gel is much easier to manage, especially on the bus!

Stick that lipstick in your bag

Keep a spare lipstick in your bag so that you can maximise your commute. This is one thing you can apply virtually anyway with great results. Disclaimer, don’t apply if you’re at the wheel! Drive safely folks!

Multi-purpose makeup saves lives

My ultimate hack? Using a lipstick for my eyes, cheeks and lips. Multi-purpose makeup makes it infinitely easier because all you need is one product! No more fumbling at your dresser looking for multiple items!

Make your peepers pop

The eyes are everything, and in the little time you have, you don’t want to miss them out. Mascara is one of the messiest things to apply, so make sure you get it on properly before leaving the house.

Semi-permanent makeup is a game changer

If you’re always late and have tried all the makeup tips above, its time to try semi-permanent makeup. You’ll be able to step out the door with just foundation and feel confident as ever. Skip the curling stage with a lash lift. A lash lift gives the effect of a curl, without the hassle! If you spend forever drawing those eyebrows, consider getting eyebrow embroidery — the days of fussing with your brows will be long gone!

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