5 Ways to Have the Ultimate Spa Day at Home

5 Ways to Have the Ultimate Spa Day at Home | Spa Day | magazine.vaniday.com

With the ongoing pandemic, things can get a bit out of hand. That’s when it’s time to have a spa day at home. Follow these tips for a simple but rejuvenating time that’ll be sure to refresh your senses.

Light up a scented candle

Scented candles are a great way to soothe our body and mind! Not only is the sight of candlelight naturally calming, but the scents also complement this effect and help create a beautiful atmosphere to relax in. Try these local candle makers for a variety of uplifting and dazzling scents.

Give yourself a little face massage

Would it really be a spa day without a massage? Using just your hands, a jade roller or a gua sha tool, treat your face to a little massage. Not only will this help reduce any residual puffiness from the morning, but it’ll also melt away tension and keep your face tight and taut!

Upgrade your shower

While there’s nothing quite as grand as a good soak in the tub, most of us in Singaporean don’t have this luxury available to us. However, you needn’t miss out. Add a few drops of essential oils at the base of your shower cubicle before you start; the steam will send the aroma of the oils into the air.

Get masking

While facials aren’t allowed in the meantime, you can always give yourself one at home. Skip picking at your blackheads, though. We’ll leave those to the trained aestheticians! For oily skin, a good ol’ clay mask will help get rid of excess oil, while those with dry skin should focus on rehydrating the skin with a heavy cream mask.

Indulge your hair with a hair mask

Very often we neglect our hair, especially during this work from home period. Give your hair a little treat by indulging in a hair mask. Use it concurrently with your face mask to kill two birds with one stone. We love these ones from Bear Fruits, which come with a reusable shower cap.

Spa day at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge at a spa! Check out these luxury spas to really get a full-blown day of indulgence!

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