5 unbelievable beauty tips, can you spot the fake?

Ah, April Fools’ Day. The day when your guard is up and no one can be trusted. Whether you love it or hate it, pranks are unavoidable. Prepare yourself with an exercise in lie detection. Can you spot which of these 5 wacky beauty tips is fake? The answer might surprise you…

 1) Make your hair grow faster with hot sauce

Move over tacos, hot sauce just found a new BFF–your hair! You know that burning sensation you get when eating spicy food? It’s produced by capsaicin, an active ingredient in peppers. Capsaicin stimulates blood circulation, causing nutrients and oxygen to flow. It’s said that when applied to the scalp, hair follicles use this nutrient boost to speed hair growth. This treatment is done by mixing a chopped pepper with oil and applying it to the scalp. I’m not sure if I would risk having burning oil drip into my eyes, but it does make me hungry for a taco.

2) Fight acne with potato juice

If you thought potatoes were only meant for delicious fries and chips, think again! Potatoes are packed with vitamins C & B, potassium, and phosphorus. Supposedly, this is what makes them the perfect skin care accessory. Applying potato juice to the face apparently fights acne by reducing oils and tightening pores. A side note though, these benefits only work with raw potatoes. Rubbing your face with fries will unfortunately not produce the same effect. If you don’t fancy leaving your beauty in the hands of a potato, salons in Singapore offer a variety of facial treatments to suit any skin type, such as collagen facials and microdermabrasion – more than the humble potato ever can.

3) Get lash volume with baby powder

I don’t want longer lashes, said no one ever! Mascara can help you get a bit of a lift, but you’re always wanting more. Am I right? After applying mascara, coat a cotton swab or mascara wand in baby powder and apply it directly to your still wet lashes. If you don’t love this white powdery lash look, go a step further and add another layer of mascara. The second layer adheres to the powder and gives your lashes a voluminous look. I’m imagining clumpy tarantula lashes. Personally, I think I’ll skip the powdery mess and leave it to the professionals with eyelash extensions.

4) Hide under-eye circles with orange lipstick

Are you still using lipstick for your lips? That was so last year. If you have dark under-eye circles, then you might have tried an array of color correcting creams to lighten up your skin. Complementary colors neutralize each other. This is why green correcting creams are often used to calm red skin tones. The complementary color to the blueish-purple tone of your under-eye skin is orange/red. Simply fill in your dark circles with lipstick and cover with concealer. Mind blown. Oh, and that sticky lipstick feeling all around your eyes, you’ll get used to that…maybe.

5) Wash your hair with beer to add shine

Who doesn’t love having a beer with their morning shower? Not for drinking, for shampooing! The hops in beer contain silica. This mineral is said to repair damaged hair because it closes the hair cuticle, creating a silky shine. The higher the yeast content the better, so grab your favorite IPA and get pouring! After you let the beer work its magic, make sure to thoroughly wash it out, unless you enjoy smelling like a dive bar. If you prefer to not waste a precious beer, keratin hair treatments are guaranteed to smooth and repair your locks, minus the embarrassing smell. Here’s to gorgeous hair, cheers!

And the fake is…

April Fools! Surprisingly, there is no fake, all 5 beauty tips really exist! Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. Although these tips can be found circulating the internet, by no means am I recommending them or believe they work! I think I’ll skip the potato rub and stick to my spa facials, thank you very much. Some things are better left to the professionals. If you want to avoid DIY disasters, take advantage of a Vaniday #donttrythisathome deal today! For the next five weeks, Vaniday is offering exclusive promotions on nail, hair, makeup, massage, and waxing treatments. Your beauty lifeline is here.

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