5 Salons for a Painless Boyzilian Wax in Singapore

5 Salons For An Almost Painless Boyzilian Wax in Singapore | magazine.vaniday.com

Shaving is often the go-to method for removing hair. However, there are many reasons why shaving is not good for your skin, especially as area as sensitive as the genitals. Women are familiar with the Brazilian wax, where waxing is done at the nether regions to achieve a hairless look. There are many reasons why a Brazilian wax is better as compared to shaving. For men, this is known as a Boyzilian wax. While the thought of having hair ripped off your nether regions may not be the most pleasant, there are many reasons to get a Boyzilian wax. For one, your skin won’t be inflamed and irritated once the hairs start growing back, and there is a lesser chance of ingrown hairs, too.

While there are many salons out there, it is important to go to an established salon with well-trained therapists. This makes all the difference and can make your first Boyzilian experience much less painful. Here on Vaniday, we have 5 salons with a wealth of experience. There will definitely be a degree of pain involved, but we promise that it’ll be worth it!

Where to get a Boyzilian wax in Singapore?


Highbrow - Capitol Piazza | Boyzilian Wax in Singapore | Vaniday

While Highbrow specialises in state-of-the-art brow enliven and lash extension services, they also offer a suite of hair removal services. With the skills of master therapists, your Boyzilian Waxing ($88) experience here will be a breeze.

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B@RE Beauty Clinic

B@RE Beauty Clinic | Boyzilian Wax in Singapore | Vaniday

Located in Kovan, B@RE Beauty Clinic provides a host of professional beauty services using the latest technology. Specialising in a range of hair removal solutions such as IPL, SHR and waxing, their friendly therapists will make painful hair removal a thing of the past — Boyzilian Waxing ($58) included!

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MiracleSally Wax Parlour

MiracleSally Wax Parlour | Boyzilian Wax in Singapore | Vaniday

Located in Oxley Tower, MiracleSally offers patrons a cosy and comfortable avenue for body hair removal. Hygienic, reliable, safe and painless, come join in the wax revolution here at MiracleSally Wax Parlour. First-timers, you’re in luck! The Full Boyzilian + Crack (Hard Wax) is $60, discounted from its original price of $80. That’s another reason to stop by!

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The Beauty Bar

The Beauty Bar - Bukit Panjang | Boyzilian Wax in Singapore | Vaniday

The Beauty Bar caters to those living in the Bukit Panjang area, with an extensive range of services ranging from nails, lash and brow services to hair removal solutions. With a whole suite of waxing services for men, such as their Gentlemen’s Waxing – Boyzilian ($68), you can be sure that they know what they are doing.

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Wax Factor

Wax Factor Orchard Central | Boyzilian Wax in Singapore | Vaniday

Wax Factor is salon located in Somerset that specialises in hair removal, feminine skincare and airbrush tanning. With soothing blue and white treatment rooms, your experience at Wax Factor will be nothing but seamless and smooth — just like your hairless skin! At $80, the Gentleman’s Brazilian Waxing is a steal — there’s aftercare provided, too!

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