5 Lower Calorie Food Options at Hawker Centres

lower calorie options hawker centres

There’s no question about it — Singaporeans love their hawker centres. Truly, what’s not to love? Good, hearty food at wallet-friendly prices? Yes please. However, despite this, hawker centre food doesn’t have a reputation for being the healthiest. With choices like char kway teow, kway chap and laksa racking up close to 1,000 calories, those watching their waistline will need to be mindful of what they order! Lucky for you, not all is lost. Eating healthy at hawker centres is possible. These 5 food options are not only lower calorie, but delicious as well! Who said healthy eating had to be boring?

Fish Soup

Quite possibly one of the lowest calorie food options to order at any hawker centre, filled with gingery broth, this is a firm favourite amongst many Singaporeans. Be it with rice or bee hoon, this is as clean as it gets. No cheating, though! Opt for sliced fish instead of fried fish if you want to keep it as clean as possible, and add an extra dose of vegetables to up the health factor. If you want to cut back on the sodium, you can skip out on the broth.

Wanton Noodles

Another favourite amongst Singaporeans, you’ll be glad to know this dish contains only around 400 calories. Look out for stalls using leaner cuts of meat for their char siu. If you want to take it up a notch, the soup version contains less calories than the dry version. Skip out on the fried wantons and go for the boiled ones, which are equally delicious.

Herbal Soup

Nothing beats a bowl of warming herbal soup on a cold day. Be it watercress, lotus root, or ABC, herbal soups, these soups are a great way to keep you hydrated and full. Low in calories, these soups are good not only for shedding the pounds, but great for your health too!

Mee Soto

For those who love their food packed with flavour and spice, Mee Soto provides the punch you’re looking for, without the extra calories. Opt for vermicelli instead of the higher calorie yellow noodles, and pass on the begedil. The soup contains a lot of sodium, so you might want to skip out on that if you’re wary of your intake.

Yong Tau Foo

One of the most flexible dishes for picky eater out there, it doesn’t take much to decipher what makes a healthier yong tau foo. Give the deep fried foods a miss, and opt for more vegetables. Stick to the non-fried soup version, and you’ll be able to keep the calories in check. The sweet sauce may be a delicious addition, but don’t be fooled — the calories add up.

We often associate lower calorie food options with being bland, but that’s simply not the case. You can still lose weight even when you eat at a hawker centre, and that doesn’t mean you have to give your favourites a miss — it’s all about balance!

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