5 Korean Nail Salons to Visit, Without Needing to Buy a Plane Ticket

Name the 3 hottest nail trends of 2016 off the top of your head – got them, got them? Now let us guess what you picked! Chrome (or mirror) nails was probably the first, followed by shattered glass nails, and perhaps “shadow nails”, a technique incorporating the arrangement of tiny metal studs against a base colour for a chic, minimalistic look. The commonality between all three trends? They’re beautiful and bold, and originate from South Korea!

The mirror technique was a game changer that took the beauty scene by storm along with hits like metallic and glitter make up, and loud, vibrant hues. “Futuristic” is the word we’d use to describe the past year’s beauty craze. Those hot metallic nails have been spotted on influential women like Korean pop singer Park Bom, and American supermodel Gigi Hadid. The trend made its way around the globe real quick all thanks to the Internet, and you can be sure it’s not going to fade off anytime soon!

Want to get trendy nails but don’t have the time to travel to Korea? Here are the 5 Korean Nail Salons to visit in Singapore, without needing to buy a plane ticket!

1. Try Customised 3D Nail art by Iputa Nails

Are you a fan of glitzy, embellished nails that get your hands lots of attention? If so, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this salon. “Iputa” means “pretty” in Korean, and there’s no better word to describe them, really. They’re famous for their customised 3D nail art, where gorgeous rhinestones and moulded acrylic designs will have you falling head over heels. Ms. June Jeon, a native Korean married to a Singaporean, founded the salon in 2002 and has been keeping a close watch of Korean nail trends ever since. Spot a K-trend on your news feed? The nail techs at Iputa have probably mastered it!

2. Try detailed hand-drawn designs by Aresa Nails

Elaborate, jarring designs aren’t for everyone, we know. If simple and chic is your style, here’s our pick for you. Aresa Nails is located in the arty enclave of Joo Chiat and boasts a spacious, minimalist interior. It’s more of a contemporary than cutesy vibe here, which can be hard to come across in Singapore with many nail salons going for girly concepts inspired by Japanese and Korean trends. Here, you’ll find stunning hand-drawn designs that almost look printed on.

3. Try out award-winning designs by Beaute Nails

They’re no stranger to the media – the goddesses of Miss Universe Singapore 2017 recently flaunted their work on stage, and they’ve bagged numerous prestigious awards over the years, including the Singapore Established Brands award in 2015. Beaute Nails is hugely popular for their organic Gellyfit nail products from Korea, which pastel lovers will swoon over – check out their range if you haven’t already, it’s a paddlepop lover’s dream come true.

4. Try out the BUB AI Technique with The Glamorous Factory

If you follow the K-wave, you might have seen some of Ms. Shigeyama Ai’s nail designs on your favourite Korean celebs, including the members of Girls Generation. The South Korean-born nail artisan has worked with countless A-list clients and founded the BUB nail salon in Japan. Well, it might be hard to get Ms. Ai herself to do your nails, but you could always book an appointment at The Glamorous Factory, where founder Ms. Foo Yee Sin and her team have been trained by Ms. Ai herself to practice the BUB AI technique!

5. Try out eco-friendly and trendy nails by Leekaja

If there was any hairdresser who is more famous than K-pop stars, it would be Madam Leekaja. Leekaja Salon was established back in 1972 in South Korea. It is now an international salon with over 180 shops all over the world. With beads, stones and pearls, their korean nail artist will be able to transform your nails with the most up to date nails design from Korea. Not only will it be trendy, using products from Bandi Nail, the manicures will also be eco- friendly and harmless to your nails.

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