5 Benefits of Sugaring For Hairless Smooth Skin


If you’re looking for a safe and sustainable hair removal method, look no further. An alternative to waxing, sugaring is great for those who prefer to stick to traditional hair removal methods.

What is sugaring?

You may be wondering: what exactly is sugaring? Well, it’s an ancient hair removal method using a sticky, gel-like paste to remove hair. This paste is made up of sugar, lemon juice and water. This means that it’s natural, organic and vegan-friendly as well! Gloved hands are used in to apply the paste on the area, right to the roots of your hairs. Unlike waxing, the hair is removed in the direction of hair growth, preventing breakages. Since those dipping sticks you see your aesthetician use during waxing sessions are eliminated completely, the waste generated is much less!

Why sugaring?

If you’re still not convinced, here are 5 benefits to sugaring:


Great news if you’re concerned about the environment! Sugaring is a safe and sustainable hair removal method — it produces less waste as compared to waxing. Furthermore, aside from generating less waste, as it is composed of natural ingredients. Therefore, it is completely biodegradable and safe for the earth!

Gentler on skin

Sugaring is known to be gentler on skin. The paste only adheres to dead skin. it will not remove a layer of skin, unlike conventional waxing. There’s no risk of burns, too — the paste is applied at body temperature. As a result, some find sugaring less painful than waxing. This also means its a suitable option for those with sensitive skin!


As mentioned in the above point, sugaring only adheres to dead skin cells, so it provides an exfoliating effect on the skin. This in turn enhances absorption of aftercare products and lowers the chances of ingrown hairs.

No sticky residue

Unlike wax, leftover paste can easily be washed off with water, leaving no sticky residue behind!


Sugaring will not cause hairs to break, lessening the likelihood of stubbly regrowth. As an added bonus, hair will also grow more sparse and less fast over repeated visits.

Where to find sugaring?

The Organic Room SG

Located in Bugis Cube, a short walk away from Bugis MRT, The Organic Room SG is a private, by appointment-only studio. With attention to detail and quality, this is a place where you can escape from the city life to indulge in a pampering and tranquil beauty experience. Aside from a range of holistic, organic facials, the salon also specialises in organic sugaring. Try the popular Brazilian Gold Sugaring ($60).

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Sugar(ed) is the first and only professional body-sugaring studio in Singapore, dedicated to the all-natural hair removal technique of sugaring. They specialise in Brazilians for her, and offer additional hair removal services for both men and women. Whether you’re a Sugar(ed) aficionado or a virgin to the art, get sweet and experience the benefits at one of their studios. With four outlets across Singapore, your next hair removal session won’t be far away!

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