4 Types of Collagen Soup and Their Benefits

Collagen soup

Made by simmering bones and connective tissues of animals in water, collagen soup is not only delicious, but as its name suggest — rich in collagen. Popularised by hot pot joints such as Beauty in the Pot and Hai Di Lao, there are different types of collagen soup, each with their own benefits. However, can just drinking collagen soup cure all our beauty and health woes?

Collagen is a protein that makes up 65% of all proteins found in our body. However, as we age, our bodies produce less and less collagen, resulting in loss of elasticity in our skin and brittle bones. The solution is simple — eat foods rich in collagen. However, take what you see on the internet with a pinch of salt! Just because these foods contain collagen, doesn’t mean that your body will use it. In fact, most health experts have proclaimed that ingesting such foods do not increase your body’s collagen production. However, when taken alongside a healthy diet, beyond its miracle-working claims, there are benefits.

Chicken Collagen Soup

Chicken-based broths are amongst the most common collagen soups out there. The bones, and especially the feet, are rich in collagen. It is full of vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium and phosphorus — all which are essential for proper functioning of the body! It is a source of protein, and is rich in amino acids like glycine and glutamine. This helps to keep your gut working properly, which in turn, aids in digestion.

Where to get it?
Premium Chicken Collagen Broth (500g) Frozen Pack
Credit: Yuan Collagen Soup

Try the Premium Chicken Collagen Broth ($15 for 500g) from Yuan Collagen Soup. Boiled for over 10 hours to get the right amount of collagen and rich flavours for your meal, soups are made in small batches and then frozen to keep it at optimum freshness.

Beef Collagen Soup

Though less common, beef collagen soups are also excellent sources of collagen. The bone marrows are full of nutrients like magnesium, silicon, sulfur, and calcium! Just like chicken collagen soup, it is packed full with essential vitamins and minerals. It also full of glycine and glutamine, which is helpful in maintaining your immune health. Use it for dishes like some hearty galbitang (Korean Short Rib Beef Soup), or a comforting bowl of pho!

Where to get it?
Cape Grim Beef BONE BROTH 500ml - The Fishwives Singapore
Credit: The Fishwives

Get the Cape Grim Beef Bone Broth ($16.50 for 500ml) from The Fishwives. Specialising in all things beef, this delightful bone broth is slowly cooked for a minimum of 16 hours. Expect a rich and full-bodied flavour derived from the marrow containing femur bones from 100% grass fed pasture raised cattle from Cape Grim in Tasmania.

Pork Collagen Soup

If you love tonkatsu ramen, you’ll be happy to know that the broth is rich in collagen. Made by simmering pig trotters and bones, pigs are an excellent source of collagen, in addition to chicken and beef. The skin is especially high in collagen. It is high in glycine, which may provide additional benefits for your well-being and health.

Where to get it?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem there are any places stocking up on ready-made pork bone broth. However, the availability and accessibility of ingredients makes it very easy to make at home — it just takes some time. Make sure to blanch the bones before boiling in order to get a clear, milky broth.

Fish Collagen Soup

Premium Fish Collagen Broth (1kg)
Credit: Yuan Collagen Soup

It may come as a surprise to you, but fish bones also are full of collagen. This is great news for pescatarians or those who don’t eat meat. Just like the other animal-based bone broths, fish collagen soup is packed with vitamins and minerals, and helps with your gut health as well.

What sets fish bones apart from the other animals is that it is rich in iodine. Thyroid cancer is an increasingly prevalent disease worldwide, especially amongst younger women. However, a higher iodine intake is shown to be protective against thyroid cancer — which is all the more that fish collagen soup should be on your to-drink list.

Where to get it?

Go for the Premium Fish Collagen Broth ($25 for 1kg) from Yuan Collagen Soup. A expansion from their previous offerings, this is a 100% all natural bone broth made only from fish and aromatics. With no MSG, no artificial flavouring or preservatives, it can be used for hotpot and a variety of other dishes! Just like their chicken broth, it comes frozen in a vacuum-sealed bag. All you need is heat it up on the stove and it can be used right away!

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