4 Surprising Benefits of Chinese Wolfberries

4 Surprising Benefits of Chinese Wolfberries | magazine.vaniday.com

Chinese wolfberries, known in Western settings as goji berries, is a common ingredient in both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Chinese cuisine. It is no wonder it is so popular! This extremely versatile fruit is accompanied by many benefits. You may have found it in tea, soups, and stews, especially the kind grandma cooks.

If you’re not already consuming this superfood, it’s time to start. Often found sold in large and inexpensive packets at TCM halls, these little red berries pack a punch when it comes to your health.


Rich in Antioxidants

Chinese Wolfberries are rich in beta-carotene, a type of antioxidant that is also found in carrots. In fact, it has even more beta-carotene than carrots! Antioxidants are important to combat oxidative stress from the environment, and help slow down the ageing process. They may also cancer-fighting effects.

Good for Your Eyes

Chinese wolfberries are commonly used in TCM remedies to improve eyesight. This basis is also being studied in the Western world, with scientists studying the fruit and its potential to lower retina damage from type-2 diabetes.

Good for Your Skin

In TCM, the berries are believed to promote youthful-looking skin by nourishing yin and improving blood production. They are also rich in phytochemicals, which are helpful in protecting the skin against the effects of UV radiation. They are also filled with fatty acids, which are helpful in helping to retain collagen and elastin fibres.

Strengthens the Liver and Kidneys

In TCM, the berries are nourish the liver and invigorate the kidneys, and replenishing vital essence, which is known as jing. As the liver is linked to skin, this may just be why the skin benefits when the liver is cleansed!

The Best Time to Consume Chinese Wolfberries

According to locals in Ningxia Hui, China, the best way to fully absorb the nutrition from dried Chinese wolfberries is to have some immediately before breakfast. So know you know!

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