4 Barbershops to Get Your Groom On

4 Barbershops to Get Your Groom On | magazine.vaniday.com

You know what they say — the hair maketh the man. And a gentleman is clean, shaven and polished, with none of that unkempt hair nonsense. If you’re looking to take it up a notch but you’re not quite sure where to go, read on. We’ve rounded up some of the best barbershops in Singapore for you. These are the barbershops that made the cut.

Sultans of Shave

Sultans of Shave | 4 Barbershops to Get Your Groom On | Vaniday

Sultans of Shave provides a space for gentlemen to pamper themselves and network in a relaxed setting. All professionals are trained in London, and strive to provide the ultimate shaving experience for all gentlemen. With outlets conveniently located throughout the CBD, there’s no reason not to get groomed! You’ll come out looking suave and dapper.

Prices start from $55 for a Deluxe Haircut.

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Barber 25

Barber 25 | 4 Barbershops to Get Your Groom On | Vaniday

Service with a smile is what you will get at Barber 25, and is what they strive to see on their customer’s faces. From personalised services to high-level barbering and hairdressing techniques, you will be met with impeccable levels Japanese hospitality here. Grooming doesn’t have to be a solo experience. They also offer private rooms for ladies. That’s right, so you can bring your significant other and little ones along to join in on the action.

Prices start from $80 for a Men’s Haircut.

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Splice Barbershop

splice barber suntec
splice barber suntec

Looking for a clean, unpretentious, modern barbershop? This is exactly what you’ll find at Splice Barbershop. Located conveniently in Suntec City, Splice Barbershop services clients with their experienced handTrust in the experienced hands of the barbers, specialising in the traditional art of barbering, and let the professionals work their magic on you.

Prices start from $50 for The Signature Haircut.

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We Are Sultans

SULTANS | 4 Barbershops to Get Your Groom On | Vaniday

Located in Holland Village, We Are Sultans is for the young at heart, for the brave, and for the ones looking for a different experience — they put the dandy in the dandy lion! Expect the same top-notch service synonymous to the Sultans of Shave brand, but with fuss-free, barbershop quality haircuts at wallet-friendly prices, this is for you!

Prices start from $29 for a Haircut.

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Grooming can be a fun experience, and these barbershops will show you how it’s done, in ye olden days!

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