3 Makeup Treatments That’ll Transform Your Look

Makeup is powerful. A skillfully done makeup treatment is like real life Photoshop. But makeup isn’t all about the glam factor, it can reflect confidence and allows you to express your individual style and personality. Take a look at three of the most powerful makeup treatments that give fiercely beautiful results.

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Bold Brows

If you observe celebrity fashion and runway looks, you’ll notice that eyebrows are often the focus of the face. The way you shape your brows can completely change your look and the way people perceive you. Dark and bushy brows show fierceness, assertiveness, and confidence, while sleek and shaped brows bring a softness and elegance to the face. The main issue that people tend to have with their eyebrows is either too little or too much hair. Luckily, there are a variety of brow treatments to suit any need.

Brow Makeup

Eyebrow embroidery and microblading are semi-permanent brow thickening treatments that push colored pigment into the skin with a fine blade. This treatment is virtually pain-free because a numbing cream is applied before the treatment. Results last for 1-3 years and touch-ups may be required if you notice the color fading. If you prefer temporary methods, eyebrow tinting is a great way to add color and fullness for 4-6 weeks. Your beautician will help you find the perfect color to match your hair and skin tone. If you rather suffer from out of control brows, professional brow waxing can get them in line.


If you see someone with perfectly glowing skin and amazing cheekbones, it’s likely that they are sporting the contouring method. Contouring is a process of makeup application that uses varying shades of skin-colored foundations to sculpt the face. Lighter colors are used to highlight under the eyes and the bridge of the nose, while darker colors are used on the cheek bones and side of the nose to enhance facial features. A good contouring can make your face look slimmer and longer, raise your cheekbones, and sculpt your nose.


Contouring is a very difficult technique to master, and a poorly done job can really look disastrous. If you want to experience how transformative this technique can be, book a professional makeup service at a trusted salon. Beauty professionals know how to mix colors to suit your skin tone and can create a flawless blend. When done properly, it should look like you aren’t even wearing makeup. Beauticians spend years mastering this technique and you will be amazed at how skillfully they can transform your look!

Luscious Lashes

Fake eyelashes used to be a beauty trick that only the celebrities could afford. Nowadays, the popularity of this treatment has made it extremely affordable and common in most salons. Eyelash extensions give your eyes a mesmerising and sultry look that is hard to miss. The added glamour of eyelash extensions means that you don’t have to wear extra makeup, you look naturally beautiful from the moment you wake up. The best part about this treatment is that it’s customizsble. You can get them as long or curly as you like.

Lash Extensions Makeup

There are three main types of lash extensions; synthetic, silk, and mink. Synthetics are firmer and heavier than the other types and look more dramatic. If you are not used to false lashes, the weight of synthetics might take some getting used to. Mink and silk lashes are generally lighter and more flexible, and for some people, more comfortable to wear. They also tend to look more natural than synthetics. If you want more information about how extensions are applied and how to care for them, check out this blog post. And if you’re already happy with your lash length, but want darker lashes, try eyelash tinting. This treatment makes the need for mascara non-existent!

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