3 Common Hair Care Mistakes That You Should Avoid

common hair care mistakes

Hair got you down? Avoid these hair care mistakes to achieve shiny, glossy locks that will make you the subject of envy.

Washing your hair too often

There’s nothing like a shower to help you feel fresh and clean. Washing your hair might be a given, but washing it too often can either lead to a dry and flaky scalp, or an even oilier scalp. Depending on your skin type, being stripped of all the essential oils can either lead to increased oil production to compensate, or just really dry skin. 

The solution?

Trying not to wash your hair too often may be a feat in this humid climate. However, using the right hair care is very important. Selecting a shampoo that isn’t stripping is key. The Kerasilk Revitalize series focuses on scalp care, with the Redensifying range targeted towards fine, brittle hair while the Detoxifying range targeted towards oily scalps.

Using too much heat

Are you always styling your hair with heat? Do you crank up the heat for the best result? You may be damaging your hair without realising it. Applying heat on a regular basis affects the hair’s ability to retain moisture, leading to stiff, dehydrated locks that often result in split ends. It can also lead to increased breakage and frizziness.

The solution?

Thinner, finer hair should stick to a lower heat as it is more prone to damage. Avoid overwashing as well, which will only exacerbate the dryness and make your hair more brittle. Try using a hair mask and intensively moisturising hair care to inject some moisture back into your strands. 

The DualSenses Rich Repair series focuses on intensively restoring severely damaged hair from the inside, and as well as bringing back hair’s natural shine with intralipid complex.

Dyeing your hair too often

The best way to change your look is getting a fresh haircut, along with a spanking dye job. However, overdoing it on the hair dye can lead to brittle hair and split ends, which is something not anyone will want. Damaged hair can also look lifeless and dull—which takes away from the purpose of a new dye job!

However, the frequency depends on a number of factors. While virgin hair can probably get away with an increased frequency of dyeing, hair that has been bleached and dyed regularly should wait longer in between sessions; a general rule of thumb is between 4–6 weeks.

The solution? 

Choosing a proper hair care system can help minimise damage to your hair, while prolonging shine and colour. DualSenses Just Smooth series helps with manageability and frizz control, detangling and nourishing locks with kukui nut oil. With DualSenses unique FadeStop Formula, this is perfect for coloured hair.

What are some hair care mistakes that you’ve made in the past?

About Goldwell

Goldwell is a salon-exclusive brand from Kao’s salon division and an industry-leading partner for stylists for over 70 years. The high-performing care and styling sub-brand of Goldwell, Kerasilk’s exclusive technologies blends with quality ingredients to actively interact with the hair’s structure. Salon exclusive home care products complement the customizable salon services for long-lasting, transformative results. The latest haircare range expansion, Kerasilk Revitalize, focuses on rejuvenating scalp-care routine inspired by skincare – as an anti-aging facial for your scalp. Dualsenses is another high-performance sub-brand of Goldwell, with built-in color protection, up-to-date fragrances and shampoos as gentle as pure water. Cutting-edge technology distributes essential care ingredients quickly.

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