10 Popular Men’s Hairstyles to Consider for Your Next Haircut

10 Popular Men's Hairstyles to Consider for Your Next Haircut | Vaniday | magazine.vaniday.com

In today’s hair fashion world, guys have more options than ever before thanks to passionate and creative hair design professionals. There are many men’s hairstyles that will make your hair stay fresh and cool. The most popular hairstyles for men right now are textured, longer hair on top haircuts and hairstyles. Side part and no-part hairstyles, quiffs, short sides with longer top hairstyles and many different types of fades are just a few of your options. 

The most popular haircuts for men continue to be short undercut and fade cuts. If you’re looking for the latest popular men’s hairstyles, you’ll love the haircut styles below.

Slicked Back Men’s Haircut with High Fade 

Slicked Back Men’s Haircut with High Fade Hairstyles Men

Today, slicked back hair look is loved by both classy guys and contemporary men. You can ask your hairdresser to leave the hair on top longer and a bit more natural looking while giving your hair a high fade.

Side Part Hairstyle for Men

Slicked Back Men’s Haircut with High Fade

Men’s hair looks great with a side part. If you want to get this look, apply a little bit of shiny pomade into damp hair.

Longer Natural Flow Hairstyle with Short Sides

Longer Natural Flow Hairstyle with Short Sides

You’re sure to look dapper with this textured long hair on top with short sides style. One of the most popular hairstyles in recent years, this haircut works great also with thicker hair types. You can get a natural messy hair look with this haircut.

Mohawk with Shaved Sides

Mohawk Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

Another versatile style that people with short hair can wear beautifully. The classic Mohawk style has a narrow strip of hair down the middle of the scalp. This was also known as the “scalp lock”. If your hair is short, no worries! Use a gel or wax to simply push your hair up in the centre of the head. A temporary Mohawk is easily achieved. Just plaster the hair to the sides and push the hair at the centre to the top. An authentic Mohawk look will need you to shave the sides and the back of your hair and create an elevated “peak” at the centre. This style is a little difficult to achieve and maintain.

Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Less intense than mohawk, but yet stylish and youthful, the faux hawk hairstyle is still a hot-trend for guys. It is an enormously versatile look. It is also promising to imitate any hair length. If you have short hair, you can use gel or wax to simply direct your hair forward, and then upwards in centre.

Medium Length Classic Hairstyle

Medium Length Classic Hairstyle

Medium length classic haircuts and hairstyles work with men of all ages. They are stylish, and appropriate for both work and your personal life. If you’re looking for modern haircuts, there are plenty of cool business hairstyles to choose from.

Medium Length Haircut with Fringe

Medium Length Haircut with Fringe Hairstyles Men

Here, we have a men’s haircut with longer lengths in the front. An asymmetrical look with the long fringe in front is a dynamic and very cool looking, and adds plenty of volume to the front. This look is great for those with higher foreheads.

Pompadour with Fades

Pompadour with Fades Hairstyles Men

Featuring plenty of volume on top, the pompadour is one of the most popular contemporary men’s hairstyles. You can style it with shorter sides, high or low fades or shaved sides. Whichever way you choose, it’ll look good!

Side Part Pompadour 

Side Part Pompadour Hairstyles Men

Ask your hairstylist to give you this timeless look. It is a clean style and a versatile appearance. It suits both casual and formal situations too, and will be sure to impress the people around you. It’s manageable length will be sure to keep you looking and feeling cool.

Short Hair with Shaved Sides and Coloured Top

Short Hair with Shaved Sides and Coloured Top Hairstyles Men

Frequently seen sported by K-Pop boybands, short hair with shaved sides and coloured top is very stylish and in-trend right now! In fact, it is one of the most popular hairstyles in several years. It adds a pop of personality to your overall look!

Decided on your hairstyle? All you need is a good barbershop to achieve your desired look, and you’re good to go. Not sure where to get groomed? Check out these barbershops for a guaranteed good cut.

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