10 Hair Treatments to Revitalise Your Hair in Singapore

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Hair plays one of the biggest roles when it comes to our appearance. A powerful form of self-expression, our hairstyle has an undeniable effect on our mood, confidence and overall look. A new hairstyle can transform a person’s entire look. And let’s admit it — change is exciting. However, in the bid for beauty, using styling tools, hair dryers, hair straighteners and hair dyes can cause damage to your hair over time. External factors, such as bad eating habits and air pollution, are also factors affecting hair and scalp health. If you see the signs that your hair needs some attention, it’s time for some much needed TLC in the form of hair treatments.

Not sure where to go? We’ve got you — here is our ultimate guide to the best hair treatments in the city.

Argan Oil Texture Control at De Arte Hair Studio

Argan oil is a popular ingredient in hair care, and not without good reason! Not only does it benefit the scalp, it also makes your hair look more voluminous. It is a great moisturiser for dry hair, helping to nourish and smooth frizz for a healthy look. The Argan Oil Texture Control treatment by De Arte Hair Studio does exactly this and more. It also enhances the feel and volume of your hair, providing a healthy appearance to damaged hair in a short time. For those of you with dry and damaged hair, this treatment is great for you! Aside from this, they have various scalp other therapies designed to fit your hair and scalp concerns.

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Keratin Hair Treatment at Backstage Hair Salon

The hair is made up of 95% keratin which is the type of protein that makes up our hair, skin and nails. Since keratin is the structural building block of our hair, keratin hair treatments help strengthen our hair and make it look healthier. Keratin Hair Treatment by Backstage Hair Salon eliminates frizz and maintains volume for your hair. It adds brightness and shine to your hair. If you have dull-looking hair, incorporating keratin into your hair care routine can improve how it looks.

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Resculpting Supreme at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Resculpting Supreme by Chez Vous Hair Salon is a multi-step, multi-benefits retexturing treatment. In this package, there are three steps: shaping, smoothing and refinishing. As a bonus, it is completely customisable to your needs! First, hair is gently re-sculpted and re-texturized into desirable contours to make features pop. Then, a hair smoothing step promotes manageability. It helps eliminate frizz and enhance smoothness to give hair a satin finish courtesy of huge doses of pro-satin and anti-static ingredients. The refinishing stage provides total cuticle protection, restoration and fortification to boost shine and a healthy radiance.

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Luxury Hair Treatment at Picasso Hair Boutique

Luxury Hair Treatment by Picasso Hair Boutique is designed for dry, coloured, brittle, and fine hair types. The ingredients used in this treatment work on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair. A 5-step treatment, it aims to reconstruct and strengthen the hair. First, the hair is washed with a hair shampoo customised based on hair concerns. A tailor-made intensive treatment is then applied to cater to the primary and secondary. After that, a customised Kerastase hair mask is applied to cleanse the scalp. After cleansing, a micro mist steam is used to close hair cuticles. Finally, a Kerastase Thermique Leave-in treatment is applied to protect the hair during blow dry and to amplify the treatment with heat. It is a very effective hair treatment for damaged and dull-looking hair. It can be one of the best choices to fix hair damage caused by colouring.

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Organic Deep Moisturizing Treatment at Be U Hair Design

Organic Deep Moisturizing treatment by Be U Hair Design is designed to repair hair cuticles. It is a very effective treatment that moisturizes, strengthens the hair and balances hair PH. It is suitable for both normal and damaged hair. Acting to protect from environmental damage, it also plays a therapeutic role in repairing the damages that have already occurred. The ingredients used in this treatment are also 100% natural and safe. Another treatment is the Organic Scalp Treatment. It helps eliminate dead cells, excess toxins and polluting particles accumulated on the scalp surface. As a result, it is beneficial in preventing long-lasting scalp problems such as scalp itching, dandruff, oily and dry hair.

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K-Gloss Keratin Smoothing Hair Treatment with Olaplex Multiplier Treatment at De Hair Profile – Somerset and De Hair Profile – Kovan

K-Gloss Keratin Smoothing Hair Treatment with Olaplex Multiplier Treatment is available both at De Hair Profile Somerset and De Hair Profile Kovan. This is an ultra-light treatment for the hair that uses a breakthrough formula to infuse the hair that uses four types of oils — argan, black seed, sacha inchi, and moringa. Suitable for all hair types, it can be paired with a Director’s haircut for a complete transformation. For double protection, the treatment is enhanced with Olaplex Multiplier Treatment, preventing further damage. The additional treatment also makes hair stronger and shinier!

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Brazilian Blowout Hair Treatmetn at 99 Percent Hair Studio

Brazilian Blowout Hair Treatment is a treatment available at all 99 Percent Hair Studio outlets. The treatment is famous for making manes around the world shiny and smooth. It makes hair easier to manage, eliminating frizz and sealing split ends instantly. By reconstructing and repairing weak, broken hair strands, it protects the hair against the future hair damages caused by hair styling tools or any other external factors. You can visit 99 Percent Hair Studio – Orchard Central, 99 Percent Hair Studio – Haji Lane, 99 Percent Hair Studio – Bedok Point, and get your favourite hair treatments without any differences in prices. All salons offer various hair and scalp treatments including Ampoule Treatment, Dandruff Scalp Treatment, Hair Thinning/Hair Loss Treatment and more.

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Goldwell Kerasilk Hair Treatment at Salon 5

Goldwell Kerasilk Hair Treatment by Salon 5 is designed to repair damaged hair cuticles. It moisturises and strengthens the hair. This process in turn eliminates frizzy hair, reduces hair falls and softens dry hair. It makes the hair more manageable and it helps makes hair easy to style. It’s not just for damaged hair! Those with normal hair can also enjoy this treatment. It will help protect your hair from damages caused by hair dyes and other external factors. Salon 5 offers many scalp and hair treatments both for women and men. Crystal clear scalp treatment is one of the best experiences you can ever have to maintain a healthy scalp. It helps recover dry and oily scalp and prevent scalp problems like irritation and dandruff.

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L’Oreal Polishing at SY Hairstyle Salon

If you’re looking to give your hair a new lease of life, try the L’Oreal Polishing Hair Treatment by SY Hairstyle Salon. If you suffer from dull-looking hair, this treatment is for you! Not only does it add brightness and shine to your hair, it also balances moisture and protein levels. The result? Unmanageable, finicky hair is transformed to be soft and naturally healthy-looking. If you desire to have the sleek hair, this treatment is one of the best choices for you. SY Hairstyle Salon boasts other hair and scalp treatments to choose from.

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L’Oreal Hair Growth & Prevent Grey Hair Scalp + L’Oreal Nourishing Hait Treatment at Spa Aperial Beauty Hair Nail

L’Oreal Hair Growth & Prevent Grey Hair Scalp + L’Oreal Nourishing Hair Treatment by Spa Aperial Beauty Hair Nail is available both Spa Aperial Beauty Hair Nail – Marine Parade and Spa Aperial Beauty Hair Nail – Serangoon. This triplet hair and scalp treatment promotes and improves hair growth. It doesn’t just help your hair grow out longer and healthier! It also protects your hair from damage caused by many factors such as bad eating habits, pollution, hair dryers and hair dyes. The treatment works on every hair type. It strengthens hair bonds and repairs structural damage within your hair. Spa Aperial Beauty Hair Nail also offers many other unique treatments — choose from Caviar Smooth Hair Treatment, Maca Power 3 in 1 Rebond 3 in 1, and more.

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